AMART/Goldcross Qld Team Worlds Wrap Up

    AMART/Goldcross Qld Team
    AMART/Goldcross Queensland BMX Team had a total of eleven riders who competed in the 2013 World Titles in Auckland, New Zealand from the 22nd to the 28th July.

    Our youngest rider was Caleb Nancarrow from Cairns in the 7 year boys class and our eldest Michael Wallin from Walkerston in the 30+ Masters class.

    All riders rode extremely well with four riders coming away with World Plates. Shannon Petre from Atherton in the 10 year girls finished 4th fastest in the World, Joel Grace also finished 4th in the 12 & under boys cruiser, Jake Bowe from Cairns finished 4th in the 14 year boys whist Zack Pankhurst from Redlands is now the 8th fastest 12 & under boys cruiser in the world.

    Tasman Petre from Cairns made it to the quarters in the 8 year boys and was knocked out in 6th place, Caleb Nancarrow finished 8th in his quarter final in the 7 year boys whilst Celeste Barr from Townsville also was knocked out in the quarters of the 13 year girls.

    Majority of the team riders qualified through to their semi-finals. A great achievement for any rider to firstly ride for their country, but to also be ranked in the top 16 riders in their age class in the World is something that they all should be very proud of.

    Zack Pankhurst finished 5th in his semi in the 11 year boys, Joel Grace also finished 5th in his semi in the 12 year boys, Serena Twomey from Walkerston in the 15 year girls, Jake Bowe, 13-14 boys cruiser and Michael Wallin, 30+ Masters kept the team 5th place going also finishing 5th in their semi-finals and missing out on the final by one place.

    Stephen Whitmore from Walkerston racing in the 8 year boys, Leon Pankhurst from Redlands in the 9 year boys and Celeste Barr 16& under girls cruiser all finished 6th in their semi-finals.

    We are very excited and proud of each and everyone of the team riders who competed at the World Titles and we look forward to new and exciting things to come from the team.

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