Aussie BMX’ers hit up the Bensink Compound

I don’t know about you, but if these guys call this training I’m in, or at least I would be if I had the skill of these guys.

Here’s ‘s back story:

During beautiful summer evenings I ride a lot at Niels Bensink’s backyard, but hardly ever film anything, so decided to bring my camera one time instead of my bike. Unfortunately Niels himself was out with a broken wrist, but a few other guys were more than happy to shred before my lens. Check former 4X World Champion Joost Wichman and Australian BMX pro’s Corey Frieswyk, Matt Juster and Josh Callan ride the amazing Bensink Compound at golden hour. Enjoy!

Music courtesy of The Music Bed: “Wild – Instrumental” by Parade of Lights

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