BMX Racing Olympians Bikes – Most Popular Tire?

    Tire brand, model, size, pressure are just some of the things riders control to customise the grip and even the feel of their bikes, and some people are very particular.

    After discussing theĀ BMX Racing Olympians Bikes – Crunching The Numbers article on the ECITV Olympics Special it was put to me that it would be interesting to see the break down of what tires all the BMX racing Olympians are using. New Zealand National Champion Michael Bias theorised it would be dominated by Tioga, but would he be right?

    So my task was to go back to checking out all the Olympians bikes all over again and try to work out what each rider is using. It’s time consuming, but there’s worse things than looking closely at the bike set ups of some of the world’s best BMX racers.

    When working through the make and model it wasn’t always possible to work out the model, but I’ve included the model for some riders in the master table below. I did manage to work out the make for everyone though, despite some riders blacking out logos.

    Tire BrandsCount

    As you can see Tioga’s presence at the Tokyo Olympics is overwhelming, with 73% of riders using either the Fastr range of tires, or even the older Power Block tires. It was also interesting to see that every single rider matched the brands from front to rear. What was surprising was that Maxxis was the next most popular. I say surprising because they just don’t stand out in the crowd. It could be the smaller logos on the sidewall, I don’t know, but they were still well represented compared to the remaining brands.

    Were these the kinds of numbers you expected?

    ARGMNicolas TorresTiogaPower BlockTiogaPower Block
    AUSFLauren ReynoldsAnswerCarveAnswerCarve
    AUSFSaya SakakibaraTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr
    AUSMAnthony DeanTiogaFastr ReactTiogaFastr
    BELFElke VanHoofTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr
    BRAFPriscilla Stevaux CarnavalTiogaPower BlockTiogaPower Block
    BRAMRenato RezendeTiogaPower BandTiogaPower Block
    CANFDrew MechielsenTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr React
    CANMJames PalmerTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    COLFMariana PajonTiogaTioga
    COLMVincent PelluardMichelinMichelin
    COLMCarlos RamirezMaxxisMaxxis
    DENFSimone ChristensenTiogaFastr ReactTiogaFastr React
    ECUFDomenica AzueroTiogaPower BlockTiogaPower Block
    ECUMAlfredo CampoTiogaPower BandTiogaFastr React
    FRAFAxelle EtienneMaxxisDTHMaxxisDTH
    FRAFManon ValentinoTiogaPower BandTiogaPower Block
    FRAMSylvain AndreMichelinMichelin
    FRAMJoris DaudetTiogaPower BlockTiogaPower Block
    FRAMRomain MahieuTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr React
    GBRFBethany ShrieverMaxxisMaxxis
    GBRMKye WhyteMaxxisMaxxis
    ITAMGiacomo FantoniTiogaFastr XTioga
    JPNFSae HatakeyamaTiogaTioga
    JPNMYoshi NagasakoTiogaTioga
    LATFVineta PetersoneMaxxisMaxxis
    LATFHelvijs BabrisTiogaPower BandTiogaPower Block
    NEDFJudy BaauwTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    NEDFLaura SmuldersTiogaFastr ReactTiogaFastr React
    NEDFMerel SmuldersTiogaFastr ReactTiogaFastr React
    NEDMJoris HarmsenTiogaFastr ReactTiogaFastr React
    NEDMNiek KimmannTiogaPower BandTiogaPower Block
    NEDMTwan Van GendtVeeSpeed Booster EliteVeeSpeed Booster Elite
    NZLFRebecca PetchTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    NORMTore NavrestadTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    ROCFNatalia AfremovaMaxxisMaxxis
    ROCFNatalia SuvorovaTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    ROCMEvgeny KleshchenkoTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    RSAMAlex LimbergTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    SUIFZoe ClaessensTiogaFastrTiogaPower Block
    SUIMDavid GrafTiogaPower BlockTiogaPower Block
    SUIMSimon MarquartTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    THAFChutikan KitwanitsathianVeeSpeed Booster EliteVeeSpeed Booster Elite
    USAFPayton RidenourTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr React
    USAFFelicia StancilTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    USAFAlise WilloughbyIRCSiren ProIRCSiren Pro
    USAMConnor FieldsTiogaFastr XTiogaFastr X
    USAMCorben SharrahMaxxisMaxxis

    What tires do you run?

    Who are your picks for the Olympics?

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