Easy Pumptracks – Build Pump Tracks From Cardboard Molds

    Italian based Easy Pumptracks have recently launched an innovative modular cardboard mould system to simplify building, you guessed it, pump tracks.

    Anyone who’s tried building a pump track will tell you it’s not straight forward and getting the shapes right can take hours of digging and testing. Easy Pumptracks could take the guess work out of it for you.

    It’s as simple as order the track layout, set up your cardboard moulds on the ground, fill them with dirt and finish it off with a surface layer. Sure you might want to consider the lay of the land, drainage and so on, but the track construction is significantly simplified.

    It might not suit everyone, but if you don’t mind building a cookie cutter shaped pump track, this just might be what you are looking for.

    Press Release

    Easy Pumptracks is the innovative and eco-friendly solution to build functional modular
    pumptracks. Ideal for ski resorts, bike parks, public and green areas.

    The main component of our modules (never used in this field) is solid, corrugated cardboard, with triple sleeve, weighting 900 grams per square meter.

    Thanks to this technique, Easy Pumptracks is an entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable solution,
    easy to transport, simple to build by the final customer.

    The innovative idea at the core of our product is to provide a “track”, already quoted and designed
    to ensure the natural flow of a pumptrack.

    All you have to do to have a fully functioning track is fill the modules with dirt, following Easy
    Pumptracks’ staffs expertise.

    There are several advantages to the Easy Pumptracks’ solution:

    • Full design flexibility thanks to modular structure
    • Transportation cost cutting (modules will be shipped on pallets containing pre-cut 120×175
    • Installation cost cutting
    • Simple and quick assembly
    • Eco-friendly and no-waste solution
    • Low environmental impact

    The components of each module consist of pre-cut cardboard sheets, with easy outlines for

    On the above-mentioned sheets there are codes to facilitate the final construction.
    The sheets are shipped on standard 120×80 platform, in vertical position.

    Easy Pumptracks offers two solutions:

    • Sale of specific modules (following track design)
    • Full package including assembly, transport, dirt fill up and shaping

    Skaters or scooters can also use easy Pumptrack, thanks to a special draining asphalt coverage – of
    course eco-friendly.

    To find out more get in touch with Easy Pumptracks via their website at or follow them on Facebook at

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