ECITV – 100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 25 “Everybody Hurts”

In episode 25 of ECITV we are joined by New Zealand Elite Racer Michael Bias who is currently recovering from a collarbone injury and light concussion. We talk to him about the incident, his injury and his Prophecy Scud bike. We also cover news from the past two weeks, which includes new Tees from Chase and Profile, some BSX track updates (thanks to Max and David at All Tracks Australia) and more tees on ebay, Bottema forks are coming back, AusCycling memberships and a whole lot of events from around Australia.

General Discussion (Jump to 2:33)

New Stuff

  • Chase Team Tees
  • Profile Racing Tees
    New winged P Logo style in various colours and “Youth Crew” Style
  • Added more tees to the BSX eBay store. We will add more items soon.
  • BSX Track updates with All Tracks Australia (formerly Track Solutions). David and Max from ATA have been twice now to help with rebuilding the track for summer sessions and BSX2021. We’re going bigger, faster, and my favourite less effort. It’s been great working with Max and David. Max has a good head for working out shapes for corners and jumps, and David is a wiz on the excavator and can do amazing things, shaping and packing on the excavator. We’re about half done, and it’s already a lot of fun, I can’t wait to do more.
  • America BMX Corp has acquired the rights to Bottema and will be producing modern versions of the classic 80’s cromo fork. They will be adapted to suit a 1 ?” steerer and will have 10 and 20 mm options, and there will be 26” and 29” models. The forks will be made by Tange.
  • AusCycling has released a table to explain their membership structure which kicks in on November 1. It looks to be a little more expensive than the current license, and no sign of the 4 month license that is currently available. It’s a Dirt license which allows for racing BMX, BMX freestyle, MTB and CX. Nothing at this time that’s specific for just BMX racing.


  • Victorian’s Rejoice! It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the Track Attack series should go ahead, with potentially a modified format to the racing.
  • NT have had their state championships at the Big Rivers BMX Club at Katherine
    Ellie Ascoli won the 14+ Women and Callum Howarth won the 14+ Men
  • Queensland state championships were still running at the Sleeman’s track in Brisbane during our last episode.
    Izaac Kennedy won Superclass Men Saya Sakakibara won Superclass Women
  • South Australia’s State Championships are also in the history books.
    Matthew Tidswell won Superclass Men and Georgia Potter won Superclass Women
  • Western Australia State Championships are on this weekend. Khalen Young was on the entry list.
  • The Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike should be back next episode
    Don’t forget to send in your submissions to

The Bias Opinion (Jump to 21:47)

We talk to Michael about his recent crash, his injury and his Prophecy Scud bike.

A big shout out at Lazlo Kissimon from South Africa thanks for watching and all the comments.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode and a special thanks to Answer BMX, ECI BMX, and Supercross BMX Australia for their ongoing support. A massive shout out to our subscribers.

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