new look!

    After many months of burning the midnight oil we have finally been able to migrate over to our new website.

    The new website is loaded with new under the covers features that will make it much easier for us to administer and update.

    New features

    • Categorised product reviews
    • Easier to use photo galleries which allows you to easily share links on facebook and twitter

    One stand out feature is that you will notice is the website scales to the size of your browser. It wouldn’t matter if you are using a 22″ monitor or an iPhone 4 you will be able to read the content and navigate the site just as easily.

    The new site will include most of the old content, the rest of it will be found on the old site that we have archived and put in The archive will have some broken links initially, but we will fix those as time allows.

    We have had a few people asking about the forum. It’s not gone, not yet anyway. You will still find it at where it’s been for over 10 years. The problem is it can’t be moved, we spent many hours trying to access the database but it’s just not possible to export it. We will keep it running as a part of the archived site for now. We will spend some time identifying the ideal new forum software for our needs and run two forums in parallel for a few months. The old forum will eventually be closed but all of the content that exists on it will still be accessible.

    The migration is taking a lot longer than anticipated with 80,000 images being uploaded, this is causing some errors on the new pages which are expecting to load images but can’t find them. Once the upload is complete the site will be fully functional.

    The real advantages for updating one of the worlds oldest BMX racing resources will come to light over the next few months as we continue to add new functionality. We will keep you up to date.