ONE Bicycles at Orange Blossom

    One Bicycles Australia press release (Written by Miekel Rose)

    Nik Rose and team mate Justin Beattie both competed in the famous Orange Blossom Open last weekend at the Castle Hill BMX Track. This is a long running event that riders look to as a warm up to the NSW Titles.
    Nik and Justin both competed in the 15 Boys class with Nik also racing 17-24 Mens Cruiser. With 412 entries it was a good hit out for the two lads with a full gate of riders in their 20” class. Both Nik and Justin took advantage of the Saturday training session and were working on their gates and track speed alongside Andy Hughes and Tom Dallinger.

    Justin was riding well and managed to secure a string of seconds on race day behind Andy Hughes with Nik managing two 4ths and a 3rd. The racing was close with the remainder of the field but Andy Hughes was in a league of his own. Justin sat in second overall for the day and was comfortably ahead of the next place riders. Nik’s still getting used to his bigger frame and new found height, also trying to master the tricky short and steep start hill at the track.

    Come time for the final, Andy took gate 8 just for the fun of it whilst Justin took lane 1 and Nik lane 2. It was a doughy start for Nik, but he found himself with the pack at the first corner, but there were a bunch of lines out of that corner, so when the dust settled he found himself back in fifth, whilst Justin was hot on the heels of Andy Hughes. Nik and Jason Mlinarevic were banging bars all along the second straight until the second corner when Jason unclipped allowing Nik to pull away. Andy had this in the bag with Justin in a comfortable second, Tom Dallinger in third, Daniel Morris in forth and Nik fifth.
    Nik rode up a class in Cruiser as a chance to get some time on the big wheel bike! He rode well securing two seconds and a third in the motos to make the final comfortably. In the final he rode hard mixing It with the older riders. He managed to finish fifth in a drama free lap and enjoyed the competition.

    Nik will riding both bikes in a few weeks at Lake Macquarie for the NSW Titles and is hoping to also make finals on both bikes. Justin is on fire again and looks like it will take a miracle for any rider to take away the #1 plate from him this year. Both boys had a ball and enjoyed competing with each other.
    I have to thank Wayne Hughes and his lovely family for allowing us to stay with them again, it is like our second home. A big thanks to Kev Vahtrik for marking out a spot for the ACT.

    Massive thanks to ONE bicycles, Gary, Mon, Paul and the Crew at ECI, Lizard Skins Grips, SNAP components, Craig fisher of Bikecorp and Scotty Hand of A TEAM Distribution for the ongoing support with the best products in the business.

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    About One Bicycles
    For over a decade ONE Bicycles (operating out of Holland), inducted into the European Hall of Fame, has solely focused all their efforts on the sport of BMX. Today they are at the forefront of BMX product design Worldwide. Utilizing advancements in the industry, some of which were conceived in ONE’s own engineering department, their products directly reflect the evolution and maturing of proven BMX design. Like a fine wine ONE Bicycles product line has come of age as a result of years of dedication to the sport of BMX.

    One Bicycles are a major sponsor of the team
    Over the years One Bicycles have sponsored

    • Khalen Young
    • The Phirebird team which includes 2005 & 2006 World Championships finalist Jamie Gray and 2006 NBL Grands (A Pro) champion Glenn Codega

    In 2008 Maris Strombergs rode his One Bicycle to victory in the Elite Men’s class at the UCI World Championships and followed that up by taking the first ever Men’s BMX Gold medal at the Olympics.

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