Product Spotlight: Elite Seat Cool Down Seat Post

    Elite Seat is the brain child of long time BMXer, a handy racer with a lions share of titles and ex-pat Kiwi, Darren James, who’s now based in Queensland. The Elite Seat is an innovative twist on the cool down/warm up post extender that are very popular at race meetings and don’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon.

    The Elite Seat looks like a standard cool down/warm up post extender but is combined to work in conjunction with a Box One 27.2 mm seat that’s been modified. In simple terms the Box One seat has a hole drilled in the top to allow the Elite Seat post to drop into the existing seat and lock into position. Essentially it’s like a double decker seat when using the post extender. Other post extenders require you to remove the race seat completely.

    There are many advantages to this system, the obvious ones are;

    • reduced wear and tear on your race seat
    • reduced opportunity to introduce dirt and grit in between the seat post and seat tube on your frame
    • no need to use tools or a quick release to remove the race seat

    Want to know more?

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