Product Spotlight: Tempo BMX Carbon Balance Bike Wheelset

    Aussie brand Tempo BMX have high end carbon wheelsets in their product line up. Sure a carbon wheelset for a balance bike might seem a little excessive for some, but carbon products aren’t new to the balance bike crowd.

    Aussie brand Zelvy industries, a leader in carbon in the MTB industry, had a full carbon balance bike frame and fork set for the grommits.

    Back to Tempo though, $499.00 will buy you a trick wheelset for your kids balance bike that weigh just 247 grams a wheel.

    Manufacturer’s Details

    Tempo BMX Carbon Mini Wheeler wheels sets are available with either Red, Green, Black, Blue, Pink and Gold hubs.

    Our Mini wheeler carbon rims are covered by our 5 year warranty and our Tempo Mini Wheeler Hubs are covered by a 12 month warranty.

    These Mini Wheeler wheelsets are simply awesome and the must have option for any Mini Wheeler and weigh in at just 247 grams a wheel.

    These wheelsets can be optioned with the Onyx OHM mini front hub at extra cost.

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