ODI Grips Valve Caps

    ODI Grips are the leader in BMX when it comes to grips, they are the innovator of the lock on grip. ODI have been around for decades and have always manufactured products that are both innovative and extremely high quality with all of their manufacturing done in house in California, USA.

    About 18 months ago I saw the ODI Grips valve caps, they were a promotional product and were getting a little publicity at the 2018 Grand Nationals. It took about 6 months but I was able to organise some for myself and my friends. For as long as I could remember I hadn’t run valve caps at all. Even I couldn’t understand what the fascination was, but I had to have these on my bike.

    After running them for a year team rider Paul Knox asked why we hadn’t run a review yet and shot me through his take.

    It went like this.

    What’s the most overlooked finishing touch on most bikes?

    You’ve finished the build of your dreams, custom built with the finest parts… what’s the one thing that looks straight out the box? Or maybe you’ve got a prebuilt rig; it looks great, but it looks like the guy next to you in staging’s bike is identical… want to add that little bit of difference?

    Valve caps. And ODI have some beauties.

    I was a sceptical at first about running them. Would they improve my gates? How about my first straight? Maybe they’ll help me clear a bigger set of doubles? No, no & no. Come on – they’re valve caps! But they match the colour of my race jersey. And I’m sure they’ll have a colour that matches your’s too.

    Run some.

    They aren’t sold as pairs to the stores, but rather candy jars full of valve caps. Not all bike shops will have them, but good bike shops are likely to.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    Add a little bit of style to your bike with our new ODI Valve Stem Cap Grips. These miniature versions of our classic Longneck Grips are made from the same materials as their full-sized counterparts and are available in 8 different colours to match any colour scheme. Sold in eye catching pre-mixed “Candy Jars” or either Presta or Schrader applications, these are bound to turn some heads. Each “Candy Jar” includes a total of 100 individual Valve Stem Grips. Made in the USA.
    Black- 30 pcs
    Blue- 10pcs
    Red- 10pcs
    Green- 10pcs
    Pink- 10pcs
    Yellow- 10pcs
    Purple- 10pcs
    Aqua- 10pcs

    Even my own daughter knows a good thing when she sees it.

    Rating 20/20

    Value for money:5/5


    • ODI’s Valve Caps will set you back the price of a few energy drinks, that said nothing adds style to your bike as instantly as ODI’s valve caps
    • Even weight weenies will be happy with the ODI valve caps, the only way to find lighter valve caps is to run none at all, and where’s the fun in that?
    • Essentially valve caps are made to keep dirt and grime out of your valve. ODI’s valve caps do that and look great
    • Just try to find a better looking valve cap

    ODI grips are distributed across Australia by Lusty Industries (

    Review by Paul Knox & Shane Jenkins/16 June 2020

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