Australia’s Return To Racing Could Be Sooner Than You Think

    While nothing is certain when it comes to COVID it appears that Australia could be returning to BMX racing sooner than you think.

    The basic timeline for all sport across the country looks something like this

    • 22 June
      Full-contact training and competition for 18 and under
      Non-contact competition for all age groups
    • 13 July
      Full-contact training for adults
    • 20 July
      All remaining competition resumes

    Last time I looked at the rule book BMX was a contact sport. Which could mean we see return to racing as early as next week for the 18 & Under crowd, a month before the rest of us. This is of course dependant on many factors which could be outside the control of local clubs, which potentially will mean delays in some areas.

    Whether BMX Australia will align with the timeline is yet to be confirmed. However they still have the next round of the 2020 National Series listed as the 8th of August to be held at the Lake Macquarie BMX Club in NSW.

    For some of us it’s still a good six weeks before we will see any competition, should our sport choose to follow these dates (and the planets align), but it’s great to see there’s a road map for a return to the sport we love.

    Who else is looking forward to blowing off the cobwebs?