Product spotlight: Profile Alloy GDH Crank Bolts


    Profile Racing have added a new option for the most customisable cranks in the BMX world, the Profile 19mm race crank.

    Profile have introduced a 7075 Alloy flush mount bolts in 5 colours to compliment your bearing cups, spider, sprocket and/or other crank accessories, and they are available now.

    Get down to your local bike shop to find out more.

    Product features

    The 7075 Aluminum GDH Crank Bolts are an upgrade to the standard steel crank bolts.


    For use with Profile 19mm GDH Spindles as well as Elite 22mm Spindles. These bolts will not work with the 22mm Column Cranks.

    Available in polished, black, blue, gold, and red.

    Bolts come with a set of conical flush washers.