Profile/ECI AC-2 Competition At Victorian State Championships

Gary Brookes from ECI Imports, Australia distributors for Profile Racing and many other premium BMX race brands, announced a competition this week to promote the soon to be released AC-2 hub.

The competition is simple, a race against the clock to rebuild the AC-2 hub. The videos released so far show the front hub being rebuilt in just under 30 seconds, the rear hub was even quicker. The videos and the competition will show that the Profile AC-2 hub is the simplest BMX or MTB hub to rebuild, and all with just one simple tool.

Study the videos for a little advantage, and remember us when you win your loot.

Some of the prizes are pretty cool and well worth a minute (or less) of your time.

Make sure you find the ECI tent at the Victorian State Championships at Casey this weekend and try your luck. We hear there are a number of prizes available.

Check out ECI Imports on Facebook or Instagram to find out more.

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