Sam Willoughby and The Happiness Cycle

Chances are by now you have heard of Apps like Map My Ride and Strava, they are loaded with features but in a nutshell you can keep track of your rides and share the details with your friends on social media.

It looks like Coca-Cola have got Australia’s favourite son Sam Willoughby involved and created a version that should get more people out on their bikes.

The Happiness Cycle is a new program from Coca-Cola in partnership with Bicycle Network that’s designed to get teens riding. That’s because we believe the more you move the happier you feel.

As part of the program Coca-Cola will be giving away thousands of bikes to teenagers each year at special community events across the country. If you’re selected to attend, you’ll get to learn cool cycling tips, and you might even do the odd wheelie with our program ambassador, Olympic BMX champion Sam Willoughby.

Check out this video to find out more.

Check out the website for yourself at

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