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Twisted Concepts BMX Has Joined Forces With SCR

Twisted Concepts BMX SCR press release

We are excited and honoured to announce that Twisted Concepts BMX has joined forces with legendary American frame builder Sal Correa. Sal has officially launched his own brand SCR -Sal Correa Racing.

Sal Correa has been building high quality race frames for 40 years. If you have owned a frame that was made in the USA, most likely Sal produced your frame. Sal has developed and produced some of the most legendary frames in BMX. Most notably the SE P.K. Ripper, Quad Angles and Hoffman Bikes’ Condor. In the modern era of BMX, Sal is known for building such brands as SSquared, Clayborn, Race Inc, Havoc and Gun Slinger, to name a few.

Twisted Concepts BMX will be teaming up with SCR to bring a fresh new look to the BMX scene, using SCR’s own-brand frame.

SCR and Twisted Concepts will also be going global, having teams on 3 continents; in Australia and the USA, as well as the UK.

More exciting team news to follow ……….


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