USABMX ROC & Grands Live Stream Link and Schedule

    The USABMX Grand Nationals is undoubtedly the largest single BMX race in the world.

    Many BMX racers will cite the Grands as the BMX race event of the year. For some it’s the decider for class rankings, for others it’s bragging rights, but for the spectators it’s pure BMX action (only it’s stretched out over 3 very long days).

    Live stream link

    To watch all the action use this link


    Friday November 29 – Race of Champions

    Tulsa OK7:00am
    Auckland2:00am (Saturday)
    Los Angeles5:00am
    Melbourne12:00am (Saturday)
    New York8:00am
    Phoenix (RTB)6:00am

    Saturday November 30 – Grands – 1st round of motos/Pro Championship Finals

    Tulsa OK9:00am
    Auckland4:00am (Sunday)
    Los Angeles7:00am
    Melbourne2:00am (Sunday)
    New York10:00am
    Phoenix (RTB)8:00am

    Pro Championship Finals

    Tulsa OK6:00pm
    Auckland1:00pm (Sunday)
    Los Angeles4:00pm
    Melbourne11:00am (Sunday)
    New York7:00pm
    Phoenix (RTB)5:00pm

    Sunday December 1 – Grands – 2nd round of motos and finals

    Tulsa OK7:30am
    Auckland2:30am (Monday)
    Los Angeles5:30am
    Melbourne12:30am (Monday)
    New York8:30am
    Phoenix (RTB)6:30am
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