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    Echo Quick Release Helmet Buckle

    Echo products (once also known as Ecko for a short time) have deep roots in BMX history. Right through the 80’s and early 90’s it was the BMX helmet of choice right around the world. In fact Echo were once so big that they were a major sponsor of the 1985 World BMX championships at Whistler and gave the winners of each class an Echo helmet. The quick release helmet buckle started to appear in the late 80’s and became widely used amongst the BMX community. However as the helmets started to disappear the buckles stayed, and they are still available today.

    If you are wondering why anyone would buy a buckle when helmets come standard with them, there is a very simple explanation. Have you ever tried to put a helmet on and do up the strap in a hurry, or with gloves on a helmet without a quick release buckle? It can be quite difficult to master the art of feeding the strap through the standard double D loops and then getting the adjustment right. Echo’s quick release mechanism eliminates the fumbling altogether. It’s a simple one click solution.

    Additional information:

    • Available in a wide variety of colours
    • Constructed from tempered steel and high-impact nylon
    • Easily assembled without the need of tools
    • Fits all helmets

    Rating 20/20:

    Value for money:5/5


    • You can race without a quick release buckle, but why would you for the simplicity and peace of mind.
    • The weight isn’t even a consideration, these things are so light you won’t even notice that they are there.
    • They simplify your life, letting you worry more about your racing than getting your strap done up properly.
    • With such a wide range of colours it will be difficult to not find one to compliment your helmet. They are well finished very clean and tidy, with no sharp edges.

    For more information about Echo’s quick release buckle check out www.echoproducts.com.

    Elite Cycles Imports are the Australian distributors for Echo Products.