Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard Chain Lube

    I know it must be difficult for you to read about how perfect the products that we review are on such a regular basis. I must admit, it’s a tough job playing around with the latest and greatest products in BMX, especially when they are pretty much all top of the range products, but someone has to do it. So to avoid any repetition we regularly invite guests to help us with the reviews. All we ask them is to be impartial and honest in what they say. This week we have team rider Dane “Daneosaur” Pangallo giving us the run down on Maxima’s Synthetic Chain Guard, but first here’s the marketing information from Maxima.

    Maxima Chain WaxContains no CFC’s!

    Maxima Chain Guard is an advanced chain lubricant specifically formulated for today’s on and off road, high performance motorcycle chains. It is compounded with the finest synthetic lubricating bases and reinforced with the most advanced anti-wear and extreme pressure additives available. It also contains special additives to prevent “fling-off” and protect against rust & corrosion. Chain Guard is o-ring safe and makes an excellent lubricant for all motorcycle control cables.


    • Extends chain & sprocket life
    • Easy application
    • Race proven protection
    • Will not fling-off
    • Waterproof & heat resistant
    • Safe for all o-ring chains
    • Excellent rust & corrosion protection

    We had Dane use the lubricant for a number of weeks and asked him to tell us what he thought using bullet points. This is what he had to say.

    Good Points:

    • The Maxima Chain Guard comes in a handy sized can for tool kits/bags, not too big or bulky.
    • It comes with an easy to use plastic clip on nozzle extension which is a great idea for direct accurate spray
    • The formula is durable, it keeps chain lubed longer than most oils/waxes/sprays
    • It’s not messy to apply
    • It’s water resistant
    • It doesn’t attract dirt like a lot of other lubes/oils/waxes/sprays making the chain run smoother for longer
    • Very little lube is required to treat a BMX/MTB chain, therefore the can will last a long time
    • It doesn’t have an overpowering smell like some other sprays
    • It’s reasonably priced compared to other products.

    Bad Points:

    • The plastic nozzle extension is sticky taped to the can, therefore making it easy to lose. (Possible solution: Put a plastic clip on the cap to secure it between uses)

    When using this product I found it very similar to most spray on lubes on the market in regards to the nozzle/nozzle extension style of the can and application, but where it differs is in the formula itself. It provides excellent lubrication and maintains that level of lubrication for quite sometime before you will need to re-lube.

    You also do not have to use huge amounts, which is a bonus, and if you use a bit too much it’s very simple to wipe off the excess with a cloth.

    It not only lubes and extends your chain life but is also friendly on your wallet.

    One thing I did notice is when applying it to the chain, it doesn’t splatter over the chainstays like some of the other brands on the market.

    So there you have it, another fine product from Maxima, but don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself, what do you have to lose?


    Value for money:5/5


    • An affordable chainlube that goes a long way and extends the life of your chain. Now that’s value for money!
    • Although this product is intended for motorcycles, it definitely performs it’s duty on BMX/MTB chains flawlessly. Gone are the days of light machine oils and the trusty old WD40. Maxima’s Chain Guard is the future for all chain driven applications.

    Maxima is distributed in Australia by Steve Cramer Products ( For more information about Maxima products check out

    Reviewed by Dane Pangallo & Shane Jenkins/ August 26, 2012

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