Review: THE Industries T3 Helmet

    A while back we got an email from the guys at THE Industries, they had a new helmet that they were excited about and wanted us to check it out. Chances are you have seen or maybe even used a THE helmet, they have owned a big market share for these past few years for being safe, economical and not a bad looking helmet. I’ve never had the opportunity myself because they were never big enough, they have most of the market covered with a wide range of youth and adult helmets, but the larger sizes fell a little short for big heads like myself. But I did notice the sizing chart for the T3 had a XXL helmet that looked like it might do the trick, especially good for me because I like to do the product reviews myself to get a good overall feel for the product.


    When it finally arrived it looked fantastic it had a more motocross look about it than the older THE helmets, the new shape of the T3 takes the THE helmets to the next level, I couldn’t wait to try it on. So it fit…well, nearly…it was just a little tight around my head and a different shape to what I was used it. I was disappointed but it was clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to review the helmet myself, so I had to call in fellow big (but not as big) head Dean Steele who has helped us out on some reviews in the past.

    The is what he had to say about the helmet:

    I lucked in when I was asked to try the new range of THE Industries gear. I’ve worn a lot of their product in the past, and it has saved me on more than one occasion. A particular favourite of mine has always been the range of helmets, as I have always found them comfortable.


    When I saw the new THE helmet I was shocked, its appearance was that of a really expensive carbon helmet with a $500 dollar price tag. But this composite ABS plastic helmet is not a cheap knock off trying to be something it’s not. The first few things that catch your eye with the new design are the modern graphics. They are bold and simple and really compliment the overall look of the helmet. The current range of helmets come in seven different colours and all have corresponding gloves, shorts and jersey to match. The shape of the helmet appears bigger in size and has a much broader appearance. You pick the helmet up expecting it to have a bit of weight, but I was shocked that it’s so light, weighing in at just 1.25kg. Upon closer inspection the new shell shape is very purposeful with the external ridges that run from front to back act as ducts for all the cooling vents. This cooling system boasts 10 massive exhaust vents to keep you cool while you are in the heat of battle. Anymore cooling vents, and you could almost be accused of having an advantage of creating down force. The best change on the new helmet is the visor bolts. I always had problems with the nutserts. They would let go into the helmet shell or just pop out. The new visor bolts have a big washer so that the bolt sits in to hold it all in place, which works really well, providing a bigger clamping surface area. The only disappointment would be the centre bolt that sets the height of the visor. This centre bolt seems to be a little flimsy and it positioning makes it a little difficult to make adjustments, and this particular bolt does a fair bit of work on a regular basis.


    The vision out of the helmet is amazing. When you have it on, you will have full use of your peripheral vision and the larger opening takes away any claustrophobic feeling. The nose/ mouth piece on the helmet has a big mesh opening for cold air intake. The lining has changed considerably, going away from the printed inner to a softer padded liner that has pushed comfort levels through the roof. Some new helmets you wear take a bit to mould to your head shape, and after a while they feel like your favourite sneakers. When I have bought helmets in the past I have tried it in the shop thinking I have made the right choice, to find when I first wear the new helmet it gives me a head ache in half an hour. But not in this case. The longer I wore it the better it got. Normally when I pull up for a chat the first thing I will do is take the helmet off, but not once did I have the desire to do that.  The lining is removable and can be washed to remove that pungent smell helmets get after a while. I did remove the inners to see how hard this would be, and it’s a very simple operation. Everything just pops in and out and goes back the way it should. The chrome on the D shackles seems to be of a good quality and hopefully won’t start to rust like the old helmets.

    I believe that a helmet is your insurance policy when you go for a ride and have never scrimped when in the market for one. The new T.H.E range of helmets will not disappoint in the value for money department and urge you to at least try one on as a comparison. The range of T.H.E helmets all meet the Australian and New Zealand safety standards, and the best part is they also do kids sizing.

    Can we take Dean for his word? Sure you can, you don’t have to though, get down to your local bike shop and check them out for yourself.


    The T3. The next generation flagship helmet for THE-Industries. Iconic THE styling and quality combined with a modern twist bring you one of the best looking helmets on the market today.

    • CPSC/CE/AS/NZ and ASTM 1952 (Downhill) safety certification
    • ABS plastic shell
    • 7 intake vents and 10 massive exhaust vents
    • Removable, washable, replaceable liner and cheek pads
    • Matte finish in 7 colors
    • Also available in Youth sizes
    • Weight for youth/adult is about 1150g/1250g

    Sizing Chart



    Rating 18/20

    Value for money:5/5


    • The THE T3 Helmet is economically priced but is packed with the features and looks of far more expensive helmets
    • The T3 isn’t the lightest helmet on the market, but it’s far from the heaviest
    • Great protection, vision, air flow, comfort and style, all packed into a nice price tag
    • The T3 helmets are the best shaped helmets produced by THE so far but some may argue that the large log

    The new THE Industries T3 BMX Helmets are now available. THE Industries products are now being distributed through Supersports in Queensland (

    Reviewed by Dean Steele & Shane Jenkins/ November 12, 2015