Sinz Elite Stealth Carbon Fiber Race Fork

    The Sinz brand is synonymous with mid-range BMX products. A perfect economical option for BMXers who are looking for a good product but are on a tight budget. However, when Sinz released the high end Stealth Carbon Fiber race fork they stepped up to the big leagues and have made a massive impact. Pick up any current BMX race mag and take a look at the number of pro riders running these forks. I could rattle off a handful of names without looking including Kyle Bennett, Maris Strombergs, Luke Madill, Nic Long, Donny Robinson, Randy Stumphauser. That’s quite an impressive list when you think about it.

    So what is it that makes these forks so appealing?

    Sinz Elite Stealth Carbon Fiber Race ForkFirst impressions

    It’s been a long time since I have ridden a bike with Carbon Fiber forks. For a few years now I have been happy with the weight, cost and reliability of cromo forks so I have stuck with them. I find the shape of the new carbon forks to be ugly, but that’s because I have been in this sport a long time and have become a bit of a traditionalist, maybe even to a point where I would call myself a purist. That aside I would give anything a try and with an open mind.

    My biggest concern with these forks was the weight limit, which I exceeded by about 50lbs. I must admit that I couldn’t stop thinking about it to start off with, all I could imagine was breaking them. I had to be reminded that they are being used to race on UCI Supercross tracks these days and are holding up quite well. Once I got that through my head I was fine.

    While I still find them the ugly duckling of forks they weren’t designed to win beauty pageants, they were designed to win races.

    Oh and before I go any further these are alloy forks with a carbon wrap. The carbon wrap improves the looks of the flat alloy Stealth forks one thousand fold. Add to that the decals and gloss black crown and drop outs and you have a much better looking alternative to the Alloy versions.

    How do they feel to ride?

    On the gate the Sinz Elite Stealth carbon forks felt as stiff as any cromo fork that I had used. No sideways twisting and they handled well on all other parts of the track. After a while I was riding the bike with the same confidence I have in my cromo forks.

    So how light are they?

    The Sinz Elite Stealth Carbon forks are very light, but their weight comes at a cost, a rider weight limit. While this may not be a strict rule if you have any concerns about them holding up to your weight and abuse then maybe you should look at other options.

    WeightRider Limit
    20″x 1 1/8″ PRO Carbon890 grams195 lbs
    24″x 1 1/8″ PRO Carbon920 Grams195 lbs
    20″X 1 EXPERT Carbon490 Grams145 lbs
    24″X 1 EXPERT Carbon495 Grams145 lbs
    20″X 1 1/8 PRO LITE Carbon550 Grams175 lbs
    24″X 1 1/8 PRO LITE Carbon570 Grams175 lbs
    20″X 1 MINI Carbon386 Grams105 lbs
    24″X 1 MINI Carbon394 Grams105 lbs

    Answer Dagger is another popular carbon race fork, for comparisons sake, their Pro 20″ size comes in at 24oz or 680 grams and that’s with no rider weight limit. They are slightly dearer though. When comparing them to the Supercross SLT cromo race forks we reviewed a little while ago they are 27 oz or 765 grams for the pro 20″ size, also with no rider weight limit. It’s not the pro size fork where Sinz are going to win all the battles, it’s the other sizes, but also take a look at the weight difference of the Sinz Elite Stealth Pro Lite. It blows the others out of the water in the weight category.

    Rating 19/20:

    Value for money:5/5


    • Maybe a little pricey compared to other Sinz products, but a great price for a light weight carbon race fork
    • I’m surprised that Pro Carbon version is heavier than most forks but still carries a rider weight limit
    • They handle as good as any other race fork I’ve used
    • I still think these forks are ugly and hope their style isn’t just the shape of things to come for BMX racing

    For more information about the Sinz products check out

    Sinz products are distributed in Australia by Elite Cycle Imports.

    review by Shane Jenkins/26 August 2010