Sun Ringle’s Zu Zu Pedals

Zu Zu PedalsUSA based manufacturer Sun Ringle have been producing high quality BMX parts for many years now. Many of the worlds best BMXers put Sun Ringle’s offerings to the test day in day out, and depend on them to get across the finish line. Australia’s own Natasha Williams ( used Sun Ringle products to help her finish 1st in the UCI World Cup, 1st at the UCI World Championships and 1st overall in the NBL, all in one season. Now it’s Australia’s turn.

If you are thinking that the Zu Zu pedals are not new to the Sun Ringle range of products, you are right, but they are now available across the counter at all good bike shops throughout Australia for the first time.

On the surface Sun Ringle’s Zu Zu Pedals look like any other platform pedal, but believe me these are no ordinary pedals.

Let’s start with functionality of Zu Zu pedals. These baby’s have more studs (or cleats) than other platform pedal on the market which simply equates to a more superior grip. And as can be expected from a high quality pedal, the studs are also easily replaceable.

Another great feature is the sealed bearing, sure you might have to pay a few extra dollars but an investment well made with pedals that are made to last.

All this with a cromoly axle, you can’t go wrong, these pedals will take the daily punishment of today’s BMXers.

And what about that finish? The Zu Zu pedals are flawless in appearance, every edge clean as a whistle and join invisible. The Sun Ringle logo is laser etched making it a permanent reminder of the attention paid to design and detail. The only colour available is black.

Zu Zu pedals come only in 9/16″, which means they are made for 3 piece cranks.

If you are after a high quality, race proven, platform pedal this is it.

Reviewed by Shane Jenkins 1/11/2000