THE Track Pack

    The THE Track Pack looks just like any other branded back pack at first, but on closer inspection there is so much more to it and 15 pockets is just the beginning.THE Track Pack

    One thing I have been looking for to simplify traveling with a laptop, bike bag and luggage is a way to transport my laptop so it’s not hanging by the useless shoulder strap on the standard laptop bag. Not only is it not secure from theft but it’s likely to slide off. I was very impressed when I discovered that the Track Pack has a special compartment with a securing strap that will comfortably fit a large screen laptop. Even with the laptop there’s still plenty of room for other stuff. And it can be kept safely and securely on your back which makes it a whole lot easier to get around with than a standard laptop bag.

    Like any modern back pack it has an audio pocket with headphone audio port as well as a pocket for your mobile phone. There’s also an organiser section for pens and a calculator and waterproof water bottle pockets.

    The adjustable shoulder straps are hefty and well padded, they are very comfortable even for people with wider shoulders. The back is also well padded.

    What else is there to say? With the THE Track Pack not only will you have a great back pack but plenty of street cred.

    Rating 19.5/20:

    Value for money:4.5/5


    • At around the $AUS100-110 mark in Australia it is a little expensive, but you are looking at a high quality/multi purpose back pack that’s not much more expensive that other branded backpacks, but it offers everything you could need in a back pack, and can be used for any purpose from school bag to race gear bag to corporate bag.
    • The THE Track Pack is light weight but durable.
    • An awesome all round bag, pretty much the only thing you wont fit in it is your helmet, but there is a strap you can hook your helmet to.
    • A slick design and well put together, you can’t go wrong with a THE Track Pack.

    Australia specific information:

    THE products are imported into Australia by ECI (Elite Cycle Imports).

    Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/ July 27 2007