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    Answer BMX Seat Post Extender Kit

    Answer BMX are well known for their high quality performance BMX racing products. The Answer Dagger forks have the carbon fork market sewn up, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg from the Answer product range. Answer’s BMX seat post extender kit is quickly becoming the go to extender of choice and when you take a close look it’s easy to see why.

    Seat Post extenders have been around the BMX circles for a few years now. Used specifically for warming up and cooling down before and after each race. This simple piece of equipment extends the length of your BMX seat post. Most bikes these days run seats slammed down as low as they can go. Most also have a quick release seat clamp, whether it’s needed or not. The seat post extender is fitted by removing the race seat, inserting the post into the bike and putting the race seat, or something more comfortable, in the top of the extender. It’s very basic piece of kit really, simply made to keep your legs in a more natural extension while sitting down. However, if you are like me and ride your BMX bike everywhere, it’s useful on those longer rides too. Which is primarily what I would use it for to be honest.

    Answer BMX released it’s seat post extender kits to the market in the days leading up to the 2018 USABMX Grand Nationals. By that stage seat post extenders were already commonly used, but the Answer Extender Kits have made them more accessible.

    The Answer Extender Kits offer 3 sizes and 4 colour combos with a quick release seat clamp and drink bottle cage mounts and bolts. I can’t find another seat post extender that offers a complete kit with as much flexibility off the shelf.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    ANSWER BMX seat post extenders kits are available in 22.2, 26.8 & 27.2mm with four color options. All three sizes come with a quick release seat clamp as well as bolts to mount a bottle cage


    • 22.2mm – 304mm
    • 26.8mm – 407mm
    • 27.2mm – 407mm


    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Silver

    My Thoughts

    I love the fact that Answer have offered a complete package all in one kit. The last thing you would want is to get home with your brand new post extender and find you need to head back to your favourite bike shop and purchase an extra seat clamp. The multiple colour options are great too, sure I chose black, but only because it’s a great neutral colour that I could run on any of my bikes. The multiple size options give the Answer extender a wider range of coverage than any other post extender I have seen. As someone who doesn’t cut their seat post down on my bike I had to find a seat with a short post to allow for the length of the extender, a full length post on top of the extender was just too much, even though I’m 6’2″ tall. On the down side the seat post extender is an extra thing to lug around to the track and would need similar care to what you would give your helmet, but if you are keen on a comfortable warm up and cool down then it’s worth the effort.

    Rating 14/15

    Value for money4/5


    • Answer product are at the top end of the market so are a little pricey, you will be able to get an extender post and save a few bucks. Just remember you get what you pay for and the Answer Extender kit has everything you need to get you warmed up and cooled down.
    • You would be hard pressed to find a seat post extender that’s as loaded with goodies and options as the Answer seat post extender kit.
    • The Answer Seat Post Extender is one clean piece of kit that you would proudly want to put on your bike.

    Answer BMX products are distributed across Australia by Elite Cycle Imports (

    Reviewed by Shane Jenkins/ June 24, 2019