BMX racing news April 2005

    30/04 Intense BMX is proud to announce the sponsorship of Jamie Staff

    Intense press release
    Intense BMX is proud to announce their first factory AA Pro rider
    sponsorship with Jamie Staff.

    Jamie Staff, a former UCI World Champion, NBL #1 Pro, and current UCI
    World Champion on the Track, will be returning to the BMX circuit in 2005
    with his first appearance this weekend at the ABA US Nationals in San
    Bernardino, CA. Jamie will be riding aboard an Intense XXL Sabot frame.
    Jamie will also compete with Products from Intense BMX Tires, THE, and

    “I am happy to be back on the BMX race scene and look forward to
    mixing it up in the AA Pro Class. My training for the Velodrome is very
    similar to BMX racing training, and after riding BMX for the past month,
    I feel that I am ready to come back to BMX racing and the AA Pro Class.”

    Pete Dylewski, VSI’s Marketing manager stated “VSI is very
    prod to have such a caliber rider as Jamie work with us, as our first
    factory Pro rider. With Jamie’s world recognition of riding at the
    Olympics and being a past BMX World and National Champion, as well as
    hearing what his future goals in BMX are, we are very excited to have
    him join our team and where Jamie will help take the Intense BMX brand.

    Intense BMX is a division of VSI products. VSI Products will be out in
    full force this weekend with a showing of their product line for the BMX
    industry out at the ABA US Nationals this weekend.

    30/04 Psykopath at Vegas race

    Psykopath press release
    Our Vegas trip was a sucess for us. Augusto Castro #01 was the only pro
    that made four main events( elite/open ) damien lopez #09 super class
    pro had a good weekend making his main events, elite masters pro Terry
    Tenette had some impressive showings all weekend and was looking hella
    fast, Superclass pro Sergio Salazar also had impressive showings in both
    superclass and pro cruiser, new am rider #4 issac oneal kicked butt in
    18 expert he almost had the win on sunday but slipped back to fouth. team
    maneger #850 Carl Renowitzky represented in the Elite Masters class. Juan
    Salazar also had a impressive showing in the 22 expert class by taking
    a thrid place finish on saturday.

    Check out Psykopath’s new product line at

    Psykopath is proudly supported by:, 661 (,
    we are currently looking for more supporting sponsors for our super fast
    race team.

    30/04 Portland Oregon BMX Summer CAMP

    Linder/Staats press release
    Presented by Linder/Staats, Redman, and Avalanche training clinics.
    Train with the best in the industry! Summer in Oregon! Three Top BMX Trainers
    (over 75 combined years of experience) plus Pros and Top AMs! WHAT MORE
    Redbone, Rog and Avalanche have teamed up to bring you one of the best
    BMX training camps to hit the dirt in years!
    Mike Redman (Redman Yamaha) has been training BMXers for years and turns
    out the fastest Pros and AMs racing today. Richie Anderson (Avalanche
    Factory Training Clinics) ABA Hall of Famer, two-time consecutive No.
    1 Am, over 540 career national wins; he knows what it takes to win. Roger
    Linder (Linder/Staats) Team Owner, Track operator, also has numerous national
    #1s during his career! These guys know the ropes and will take your racer
    to the next level!
    BMX Training with these guys just has to be good! To be a winner you must
    train with the best!
    Here’s the skinny?. 4 different camp dates, 5 days 4 nights all
    inclusive (racer responsible for travel cost), daily clinics, 7 races,
    and 3 tracks.
    Head Trainers? Mike Redman, Richie Anderson and Roger Linder.
    Guest Trainers? Donny Robinson, Jarret Kolich, Jason Rogers, Matt Faulk,
    Sergio Pena and members of the Trainers’ Teams.
    Some of the skills the camp will cover? gates, rhythm, manuals, conditioning,
    sportsmanship and much more?.
    Come train with the fastest and best in the industry! Days of racing,
    nights of fun! Camp slots are filling fast so call today and reserve your
    camp date.
    June 27-July 1, July 6-10, July 13-17, August 3-7.
    Call Roger Linder to reserve your dates and more info (503) 550-3087
    See our ad in next months BMXer, watch for flyers at the races, and BE

    29/04 Supercross posters

    Supercross Press release
    Apple Valley, CA – Back in the BMX racing heyday, you had tons of posters to
    pick and choose from of your favorite BMX superstar to put up on your
    wall, well lately that selection is getting thinner and thinner. Well
    this weekend Supercross is trying to fix that. This weekend April 30th
    at the ABA US Nationals in San Bernadino, CA, Samantha Cools the ABA #1
    Girl Pro and Todd Parry the ABA #4 Vet Pro and ABA 30+ King oF BS will
    be doing an autograph session on their new posters. It is a full color
    double sided poster with great race action photography courtesy of Dan
    Mooney of the ABA and gOrk of So if you are in the area
    of the ABA US nationals this weekend be sure to stop by and grab a poster
    and get it signed. This will be limited to the first 300 people. Now if
    are not int he area but want to get a poster of your own, we can still
    get you set up by sending $6 in US funds for a poster and catalog to:
    Supercross BMX 13429 Tioga Lane, Apple Valley, CA 92308


    29/04 Review: Supercross SpinDrive Hubs

    We have completed our review of the Supercross SpinDrive Cassette hubs. Click here to check them out for yourself.

    28/04 Interview with Kappa BMX

    Anyone who was around back in the day will see the influences
    that Kappa BMX has drawn from in their custom frames. Old school Thrusters,
    CW Phaze 1 “Z” frames, Profile, JMC and so on, these aren’t
    rebuilds they are modernised race frames, with v-brake mounts, euro bottom
    bracket, updated geometry and stronger designs. If you are looking for
    something a little different, stylish and classic, Kappa just might be
    the place for you. Click here to find out more about Kappa BMX.

    27/04 BMXPIX update

    BMXPix press release
    Everyone’s favourite European BMX racing photos website, BMXPIX, is updated
    with pictures taken from Round 1 and 2 of the European Championship for
    Junior and Elite Men and Women held in Sainte Maxime, France.

    Later this week more pics will be posted.
    Check out the pics on
    and don’t forget to go back later this week for more.

    27/04 New gate at the euros

    Pictured below is the gate as seen at the indoor in France, and
    was being used during the European Championship rounds in France, this
    past weekend.

    Take a close look at the gate…no more injuries like a foot getting stuck
    under the gate. It’s nothing new to Australia, but wouldn’t it be nice
    to see it become an international standard. Thanks to Chris from One Bicycles
    for the photo.

    26/04 Supercross Tires

    Supercross press release
    AppleValley, Ca – Supercross BMX is known for their frames, forks bars
    an cranks, but there is now something new to add to that product mix.
    Tires! Supercross pro riders had been complaining about the current selection
    of tires on the market, and we set out to design a new tire that is specific
    for today’s riding conditions. It is a non directional, low profile tread,
    high thread count, light weight sidewall tire, that feels at home on the
    paved turns of today’s world class tracks as well as your favorite local
    trail. So we introduce to you the Supercross Blue Streak!
    Current sizes 20×1.75 and 20×2.125 soon we will have 20×1.95 and 20×1.5
    sizes and 24×1.75 as well. The 20×1.75 weighs 375 grams and the 20×2.125
    is 460 grams. ( this is 50 grams lighter on the rear and 115 grams lighter
    on the front than the Maxxis Holy Rollers according to their website,
    and 20 grams lighter than the IRC siren on the rear and the same weight
    on the front according to their website
    ) this means that they will get rolling faster out of the gate, and out
    of the turns. The most crucial weight on the bike is outer rotating weight.

    It is a Multi surface tread pattern that wraps the full contour of the
    tread, it is a non directional with a high thread count on the sidewall
    so it is light and flexable without being wimpy and wanting to fold away.
    Due to it¹s low profile tread it works well in all conditions.


    MSRP on the tires is $18.95 and should be available at your finer BMX
    shops now. For more information on the Supercross Blue Streaks please
    visit your local dealer or visit

    26/04 Awesome Racing In France

    One Bicycles press release
    Round 1 and 2 of the European Championship for Junior and Elite Men and
    Women were held in Sainte Maxime, in France.
    The track was looking great, located on a hillside with a view on the
    Côte d’Azur and And Saint Tropez just around the corner.
    After 2 rounds it’s clear that this year will be very exciting.
    First year Junior Men and new in the ONE Bicycles team, Roy van den Berg
    from Holland made it to both mains, grabbing 8th place on saturday and
    2nd on sunday.
    Maris Strombergs from Latvia was looking great at the Springbreak Nationals
    in the US and showed he will be one of the guys that will go for the title.
    Maris was smoking the competition all day and had to settle for 2nd on
    saturday after a bad gate. Revenge is sweet and Maris won on sunday and
    is now leader in the Championship for Junior Men.
    Roy is holding 6th place.
    In Elite Women on saturday ONE Bicycles had 3 girls in the main event.
    Jana Horakova from Czech Replublic was looking good all day although her
    gates weren’t great. She took a 2nd on saturday behind French’s
    Laëtitia Lecorguille.
    Also new in the ONE Bicycles team is Czech girl, Aneta Hladikova. She
    had to settle with a 7th place, while Slovakian Dagmara Polakova took
    Sunday Jana and Dagmara crashed but Jana managed to get up fast and qulify
    for the mains.
    Laëtitia took 1st place and Jana went for 2nd again.
    Aneta did very well got 4th.
    In the Championship for Elite Women Jana is now 2nd, Aneta 5th, Dagmara
    8th and Vilma Rimsaite from Lithuania, who didn’t make in into the
    mains on both days, is 9th.
    French’s 16 year old Magalie Pottier was looking good as well as
    Lieke Klaus from Holland who had a very fast first straight.
    Unfortunately Lieke crashed after the start in the mains.
    It seemed Magalie was hiding her power in the motes. Her main was incredible.
    Magalie flew to 1st place.
    Complete results:
    Next meeting: round 3 and 4 in Klatovy, Czech Republic on May 7 and 8.
    On the other side of the World in New Zealand, ONE’s Pro Hadan de
    Boer (Sirius Sports) took a 2nd in the Championship there.
    ONE Bicycles’ BMX team is sponsored by: TROY LEE DESIGNS, BOMBSHELL, SHIMANO,
    NIKE 6.0, NIKE Cycling, NIKE Timing and BMXPIX

    26/04 Double A Marketing Race Report: NBL Silver State Nationals Nellis, NV press release
    This past weekend was round #4 of the 2005 NBL Pro Series. This may have
    been the most anticipated race of the 2005 season, as the Nellis track
    went out and obtained an extra $10,000 to add to the overall Pro purse
    for the weekend. With big money and points towards the overall NBL Pro
    title on the line, this, like all the other NBL Pro weekends, had all
    of the nations top pros and media in attendance. With all the Stars and
    fans in one place, it was going to be a weekend to remember. Here is how
    the Double A Marketing guys finished up for the weekend.

    Randy Stumpfhauser is just plain amazing. Not letting
    all the hype about other riders get to him at all, Randy is a racing machine.
    On Saturday, Randy had an ok day by his standards, as he won Pro Cruiser
    and missed out on AA Pro. That rarely happens, but when it does, Randy
    comes back on Sunday with his goals set high and his bike going fast.
    This Sunday was a showcase of excellent Pro riding, as Stumpy took home
    the huge win in AA pro, as well as the win in Pro Cruiser. Looks like
    Randy wants both his NBL #1 titles back. Randy’s sponsors include GT Bicycles,
    Hyundai, ODI, Kenda Tires, Tangent, Sun Rims, Bombshell Forks, AC, Fly
    Racing, Time Pedals, SRAM, Powerbar, CTI Knee Braces, Tool Shed, SDG,
    Easton, S & M, Fox Riders Co Clothing, Cyto Sport/Cyto Max, and

    Cristian Becerine has been riding so well this season,
    and he had one of his best weekend to date in Nellis, as he finished in
    the top 3 in AA Pro both days. Cristian has one of the fastest first strait
    away pull out of all the AA Pros and that helped him to a 2nd in AA Pro
    on Saturday and a 3rd in AA on Sunday. With these 2 great results, this
    helps Cristian go after his first NBL #1 Pro title. Cristian’s sponsors
    include Crupi, O’Neal, Answer, UGP, ODI, Sun Ringle, Shimano, Tool Shed,
    Powerbar,, Cyto Sport/Cyto Max, and Thomson Seat Posts.

    Dale Holmes made the trip back to the USA and was ready
    to show his NBL fans what is all about. On the track, Dale was
    going super fast and made both the AA Pro and Pro Open mains on Sunday,
    placing 6th and 8th. Off the track. Dale stunned the fans with
    not one, but two brand new Free Agent Limo complete bike give away’s.
    Dale watched the races and watched for riders who were in need of a new
    high end race bike and then gave them away to two lucky kids. The DH fans
    went crazy and Dale, as always, came out a star. Dale’s sponsors include
    Free Agent, KHS, Kenda, Troy Lee Designs, Sun Ringle, Shimano, S &
    M, Power Bar, Truvativ,,, and Cyto Sport/Cyto

    Brandon Meadows looked incredibly fast on the Nellis
    track and turned some heads as he made his way into mains both days. On
    Saturday, Brandon was out front all day in AA and finished up 5th for
    the day in the main. On Sunday, B was up there again, this time in Pro
    open, with another 5th overall. Brandon is looking forward to the rest
    of the season and letting his new training program help him to the top
    of the podium. Brandon’s sponsors include Specialized, Fly Racing, Tangent,
    Thomson, Shimano, Cyto Sport/Cyto Max, Sun Ringle, Powerbar, and

    Kyle Bennett had a incredibly bad crash on Saturday morning
    and was unable to race at all this weekend. Kyle flew home to get checked
    out, but it looks like its just some time for him to rest up some bad

    Double A Marketing proudly represents Kyle Bennett, Cristian Becerine,
    Wade Bootes, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, Brandon Meadows, John Parker,
    and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information on any of the riders, or
    questions abut sponsorship of any of the athletes, please visit

    23/04 Revtec now available in NZ/Aust

    Revtec/Sirius press release
    About Revtec Bikes
    When we wanted to start building bikes we didn’t want to play games, so
    we collaborated with Billy Griggs who used to build my bikes back in the
    GT days. Being as picky now as I was then, Billy knew he was up for another
    challenge. He graciously accepted.
    I expressed to Billy that we wanted to use the traditional 2 triangle
    design (because it works) but yet, add stability and strength in the most
    critical and abused area on a BMX frame: The Bottom Bracket area. Together,
    we designed the revolutionary “pierced down tube” to provide
    maximum stiffness and in return maximum performance while pedalling and
    accelerating. We then added little features like CNC machined head tubes
    and dropouts and the dimpled front end of the down tube for even more
    increased strength (also an Industry first). We use the finest, seamless
    drawn 6061 Aluminum.
    “No Taiwan here”
    After a year of testing and shopping around for a manufacturer, we did
    consider going to Taiwan like your typical frame company. However, we
    didn’t want to catch SARS, and as for quality control (from 5000 miles
    away) we simply cannot see that far!
    So, we decided to pay the extra pretty penny and went with the best manufacturing
    possible: Yess Products in Canada.
    These guys are so strict when it comes to quality control; it’s
    not even funny. They go the extra mile with the little details such as
    hand mitering each tube for a perfect fit, to facing the head tubes so
    your headset runs smooth. Precision is important and finding it overseas
    is hit and miss.
    So there you have it, we have orchestrated the best designer in the world
    (Billy Griggs) teamed up with the best manufacturer (Yess Products) making
    us confident that you will ride nothing better than a Revtec.
    We hope you have the same respect in your racing as we do in building
    our frames. If you want to consider riding the highest quality BMX frame,
    look no further than Revtec.

    Greg Romero Revtec Bicycles, Inc

    For sales enquiries email

    22/04 Home Brew DVDs available through have been a long standing supporter of
    and it’s team riders. Australian importers of the American Transit Race
    DVDs, BMXBits were keen to offer a high quality Australian DVD as well.
    If you are looking for a copy of Transit and would like to buy Home Brew
    (Knox or ACT) as well, BMXBits is your one stop shop.
    They have full credit card facilities, and for those of you going to Sunbury
    on Sunday Dave Comport will have a few copies of the DVDs with him.
    For more information about BMXBits, check out
    The Home Brew DVDs will still be available through and also
    from Shannon Rademaker at Bayswater Cycles.

    22/04 Staats Girl Power Pro frame

    Staats/Sirius press release
    Why did Staats develop a “gender-specific” frame you ask?
    With the advances in skill level, training, equipment & technology
    taking place in the sporting world, athletes are creating a demand for
    the tools that will enhance their performance & take them to the “next-level”.

    It is no secret that women are built differently than men. Body mechanics,
    strength-to-weight ratio & centre of gravity are the primary factors
    that separate the sexes. Data compiled from the research has been examined,
    tested & applied to equipment creating a whole separate market for
    the female athlete aiding them to perform at their highest level.

    Staats has been building rider-designed frames since 1995 & decided
    it was about time to build a frame for the ladies. Staats has an extensive
    history with past female factory team riders who have been world &
    national champions like Stacy Patton, Alise Post, Kasey Martin, Jill Kintner
    & Jamie Lilly. Recently they were approached by two of the fastest
    amateur girl racers in the world, Phantom On-Trac’s Shelby Long
    & Terra Nichols, to build a custom frame. They had a predetermined
    set of spec’s they were looking for so these were applied to years
    of accumulative knowledge to build the ‘2005 Staats Girl Power Pro’.

    What sets the Girl Power Pro apart from “other” frames? First
    off, most female riders tend to ride “inside” the bike rather
    than on “top” of the bike like male riders do. This is due
    to the fact that female riders do not ride with their upper bodies as
    much as male riders. A female rider uses her legs & “body-English”
    to manoeuvre the bike while the body position stays more forward than
    her male counterpart. Why is this you ask? Primarily because a female’s
    gravity-of-gravity is in her hips & a males is in his chest/shoulders.
    This analysis does not hold true to all riders but is more common than

    Utilizing this observation, Staats applied a longer top tube & a
    more laid back set tube angle. Coupled with a more forward bottom bracket
    placement, this geometry will position the rider directly over the bottom
    bracket & more in the “saddle” of the frame. The increased
    top tube length allows for improved mobility over the front end of the
    bike while maintaining a more efficient “power-position” over
    the bottom bracket. With a shortened chain stays, it lends to a more responsive
    transition of power when the horsepower is laid down. The compact rear
    end compliments the geometry of the front triangle contributing to a balanced
    frame that is responsive yet forgiving in its ride characteristic.

    To finish off a well thought out design, Staats have used materials that
    would augment the frame. Having access to some of the finest tubing available,
    they’ve spec’d out a blend of True Temper Platinum OX &
    Columbus tubing. The diameter of the tubing used is slightly smaller so
    to trim the weight down with out impacting the strength & torsional
    integrity of the frame.

    The finishing feature is the compatibility for a 20x 1-3/8” wheelset.
    Again, this is based on the observation that this wheel size is the most
    predominant in the 13 & over girls’ classes.

    This is not a gimmick-frame but a well though out design with the world-class
    riders input & ten years of frame building experience behind it. So
    if you are a female racer looking to take your racing to the next level,
    this is the equipment you need.

    2005 Staats Girl Power Pro Specifications:

    Top Tube 21.5”
    Rider Area 21.75”
    Chain Stay 14.5”
    BB Height 11.0”
    Head Angle 74*
    Seat Angle 68*
    Wheel size 20×1 3/8”
    Head Tube 1 1/8”
    Seat Post 26.6mm
    Weight 3.75lbs

    Colour “Boy-Beater-Blue”

    NB: Comes with two frame decal options

    For sales/dealer enquiries email

    22/04 Victorian Open State Championships

    BMXVictoria EMG press release
    The club delegates at the BMX Victoria Council meeting last Saturday
    voted overwhelmingly in favour of opening the 2005 Victorian State Championships
    to riders from other states. This decision was not unanimous however even
    some of those who where not in favour of the principal of opening a state
    titles to riders from other states voted in favour as a special matter.
    One of the key considerations was the location of the event this year.
    Portland is over 4 hours drive from Melbourne yet less than 1 hour from
    Mt Gambier in South Australia. A survey conducted on this question also
    supported the decision although, again, the opinion was not unanimous.
    Both the council and the BMXV Events Management Group believe the correct
    decision has been made on this occasion in the interest of growing the
    sport in Victoria.
    Now that this issue has been resolved it opens the way for preparations
    and event planning to proceed at full speed.
    Your opinion sought again.
    Last year there was much comment about the cost of entering the State
    The BMX Victoria Events Management Group is committed to making the State
    Championships a more affordable event for all riders/parents.
    At the next round of each of the three Victorian regional series a survey
    will be conducted on an option to reduce entry fees by as much as $20.00.
    Please collect the simple survey form at registration, complete it and
    make sure it is collected or hand it in. The forms will be returned to
    us for collation and the results will be presented to the EMG when a decision
    is to be made on the cost of entries.

    22/04 Bootes On MTB Podium at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA April 17 press release
    Laguna Seca Race Way was the host of the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey,
    California this past weekend. With the Sea Otter Classic being the first
    big festival race for the Mountain bike season, riders and teams get to
    dial in there new products and show off their new team colors for the
    year. The Sea Otter Classic is a huge bicycle festival which has all kinds
    of racing from Road, Cross Country, Downhill, Slalom, Mountain Cross,
    Dirt Jumping events and a lot of other activities for the spectators and
    kids to participate in. The weather was fine all weekend which made for
    a dry course for all. Sea Otter is also known for the Omnium event which
    is the combined points of all 3 activities in your disapline. The Gravity
    Omnium consisted of the Slalom, Downhill and Mountain cross events. With
    the thousands of spectators and racers during the week made for a fun
    weekend for all.

    Mountain Cross was the main focus for Bootes this weekend as he was testing
    out the new Percentage Designs Mountain Cross frame. The course had changed
    slightly from last year which made for some close racing. Bootes managed
    to qualify 3rd which put him in a tough bracket for the day. Bootes made
    it to the final by beating out the likes of Bas De Bever, Mike King and
    Steve Pete to finally meet up with Brian Lopes and 2 other Aussie boys,
    Jarrod Graves and Bryn Atkinson. Lopes had the inside lane, which seen
    him get to an early lead. Bootes and Graves had a great battle back and
    forth which eventually seen Bootes pass Graves on the down hill section
    of the Mountain Cross course. Bootes was not close enough to Lopes on
    the line to take the win which seen Graves and Atkinson battle it out
    for 3rd and 4th.
    1st Lopes (USA), 2nd Bootes – (AUST) TeamWBR, 3rd Graves (AUST), 4th Atkinson

    The Slalom course was not as favorable to Bootes this year as the top
    section of the course was built a lot tighter than the years past. Bootes
    has been a winner and a consistant finalist at this event for many years.
    Bootes only managed to qualify 16 which seen him eliminated early in the
    final rounds.
    1st – Rennie (AUST), 2nd – Atkinson (AUST), 3rd – Bariel (FRA), 4th –
    Houseman (USA) 17th – Bootes (AUST) TeamWBR

    Downhill at the Sea otter has also been a great course for Bootes as he
    has placed in the top 10 for the past few years. Bootes did not get to
    race this event this year due to building and dialing in the new Percentage
    Mountain Cross bike, as he only recieved the frame at the Sydeny International
    Airport on his was to Monterey. There for Bootes was not able to better
    his 3rd place in the Gravity Omnium from last year and had to settle for
    28th position.
    1st – Jared Graves (AUST), 2nd – Steve Peat (UK) 3rd – Fabien Barel (FRA)
    4th – Mick Hannah (AUST), 5th – John Kirkcaldie (NZ) DNS – Bootes (AUST)

    Australia has been producing some great results in the gravity scene for
    the past few years and 2005 looks like it will be no different. Bootes
    will be going back to his BMX bike this week and getting ready for the
    next 2 UCI World Ranking Rounds in Australia and then heading back to
    the States in June to defend his Jeep King of the Mountain Series title
    that he won last year.

    TeamWBR is proudly supported by: Percentage Designs, One Ring, Volkswagen
    Australia, Hogs Breath Cafe, Velocity Wheels, Investco Merchant Bankers,
    ATI, Hayes Brakes, Fox Shox, IRC, Cane Creek, BSC, Bell Helmets, Truvativ
    chain guide, QuikShade, Nike Cycling, Shimano and

    21/04 Lopez wins Argentinian BMX Nationals

    One Bicycles press release
    These are the final results of the 3rd and 4th race of the Argentinian
    National Championship, held at the La Rioja State track, April 16 and
    ONE’s Manuel Lopez, took first place in the national weekend, for the
    second time consecutively this 2005 Argentinian championship.
    Saturday Results
    Elite Woman
    1. Maria Ruarte La Rioja -Dans Comp USA
    2. Gabriela Diaz Cordoba
    3. Maria Dutto Cordoba
    4. Ana Heredia San Juan
    Junior Men
    1. Juan Romero La Rioja
    2. Cristian Centurion La Rioja
    3. Dario Gimenez Cordoba
    4.Juan Lerose Mendoza
    5. Maximiano Parisi La Rioja
    6. Aguistin Galeotti Mendoza
    7. Carlos Ceballos La Rioja
    8. Marcos Serafin Bahia Blanca
    Elite Men
    1. Fabricio Maturano La Rioja
    2. Rodolfo Stipanicic La Rioja
    3.Manuel Lopez Lomas de Zamora-ONE Factory Team
    5.Ramiro Marino Lomas de Zamora-Dans Comp USA
    6.Ezequiel Carames Lomas de Zamora-Carames Team
    7 Federico Polo Cordoba-Maxxis Team
    8 Jose Bustos La Rioja
    Sunday Results
    Elite Woman
    1 Ana Heredia (San Juan)
    2 Gabriela Diaz ( Cordoba)
    3 Maria Ruarte (La Rioja Dans Comp USA)
    4 Maria Dutto ( Cordoba)
    Junior Men
    1 Juan Romero (La Rioja)
    2 Cristian Carrion (La Rioja)
    3 Marcos Serafin ( Bahia Blanca)
    4 Lucas Fuentes (La Rioja)
    5 Dario Gimenez (Cordoba)
    6 Juan Lerose (Mendoza)
    8 Agustin Galeotti (Mendoza)
    Elite Men
    1 Manuel Lopez(Lomas de Zamora-One World factory team )
    2 Ramiro Marino (Lomas de Zamora-Dans Comp USA)
    3 Federico Polo (Cordoba- Maxxis Team)
    4 Luciano Sanchez( Lomas de Zamora-Carames Team)
    5 Ezequiel Carames ( Lomas de Zamora.Carames Team)
    6 Fabricio Maturano (La Rioja)
    7 Rodolfo Stipanicic (La Rioja)
    8 Jonatan Bustos (La Rioja)


    21/04 Introducing the new Intense Tire Systems Micro Knobby BMX Race Tire

    Intense/VSI press release
    More than 5,000 knobby’s per tire, the new Micro Knobby is one fast
    roller. With a year of testing and perfecting in the design, the Micro
    Knobby’s are packed with features to make your little guys BMX bike
    go as fast as possible.
    Key design features include tightly spaced and ramped knobby’s for
    a faster rolling tire and a light weigh, but super strong 72 TPI sidewall
    casing to reduce rolling weight.
    Intense Tires have won World Cup and World Championships in Mountain biking
    and now that technology has come to BMX racing. Our exclusive C3 BMX compound
    has proven that specialty compounds are no longer just for mountain biking.
    C3 has a 65 durometer rating that is just slightly softer than traditional
    BMX rubber. C3 has the same slow rebound dampened feel as our other compounds
    but has added qualities which maintain low rolling resistance, a critical
    quality for BMX. In addition, the extra cornering and first straight-away
    traction provided by C3 has allowed us to make tread patterns with lower
    knob profiles that roll faster but still deliver staggering traction previously
    not thought possible in performance BMX tires.
    What does this all mean? You will go faster. Just wait until you feel
    the difference once you put a set of Intense Tires on your BMX bike.
    4 Sizes available – 20 x 1 1/8, 20 x1 3/8 & 24 X 1 1/8, 24 x 1 3/8
    Please visit
    for more info on our complete line of BMX and MTB Tires.

    21/04 Western Australia overlooked again?

    It was brought to our attention that the Western Australian’s
    aren’t happy with the Australian Team selection methods and are quite
    willing to voice their opinions. This will be a big problem for the riders
    and officials as we lead into the Olympics. Both parties will have to
    be careful not to upset each other or risk being dragged through the courts
    as happens in other cycling disciplines.

    You will find this forum message and be able to respond to it on

    Western Australia constantly suffers by virtue of distance from the operational
    centre of BMX. On Monday I rang the Australian Association to ask for
    confirmation of the National team to compete
    at the World Titles in France this year. I was told that the team had
    not been selected and no announcement had been made. The following article
    appeared on the 4.4.05 (Monday a week ago).
    04/04 Australia Creates History “Stevenson and Fenwick dominate” By
    Who can forget the headlines after last years World Championships in Holland?
    Australia is preparing for another assault on the world stage this year
    and is looking forward to another successful UCI World Championship in
    In preparation for the event, the staff of BMX Australia would like to
    congratulate the following riders on there selection and introduce them,
    as they will be representing the green and gold at the upcoming World
    Championships in Paris later in the year. Warwick Stevenson, 2 x ABA title
    winner and current UCI World Champion in the Elite Male division Michael
    Fenwick, 2004 UCI Junior Elite Male World Champion Luke Madill, 2005 National
    Champion Elite Male Michael Robinson, 2005 National #3 Elite Male Kamakazi,
    2005 National #4 Elite Male and former 2004 Champion Leigh Darrell, 2005
    National Junior Elite Champion and multiple UCI World Champion in the
    challenge class Krystal Cranfield, 2004 UCI #8 Junior Elite Female Nicole
    Callisto, 2005 National Champion and UCI #6 Junior Female Melissa Mankowski,
    2005 National #2 and former challenge class UCI
    World Champion.
    The team is looking forward to the challenge ahead and under the watch
    full eye of world renowned/Australian High Performance coach Sean Dwight,
    the competition can guarantee the team will show up with the horsepower
    to get the job done.

    Firstly let me congratulate all those selected it is a huge honour. Missing
    from the list are at least two Western Australian riders who more than
    deserve to be included. Ray Stanley of BMXA set out a selection criteria
    for choosing a selection squad from which the team would be selected.
    This included riding at four events, Nerang, Liverpool, Canberra and Cairns,
    current UCI ranking and past world title placings. Once the squad was
    chosen they would be bought together (location depended on funding) and
    the team selected. Let me address each of the criteria seperately.
    1. The four events riders were expected to attend: If you live in Queensland
    the minimum air fare cost to these events is $614.00 and the minimum cost
    if you live in Western Australia is $2269.00. That is without car hire
    and accommodation. Is it fair to expect WA rider to have to be financially
    disadvantaged by the selection criteria. Further there are several riders
    named who did not attend either all or some of these events. WA was granted
    a round of the UCI series last year and this was not used as a selection
    round…why? Because riders in the east complained that it was too expensive
    to attend.
    Two events were in Queensland and two in New South Wales. This has to
    bias firstly riders from those states and secondly riders living on the
    east coast. Selection should not be based on financial means.
    2. UCI rankings. Currently the riders on top of the Australian UCI rankings
    are: Junior Elite Women: Nicole Callisto; Junior Elite Men:James Dixon;
    Elite Women: Tanya Bailey; Elite Men: Luke Madill.
    Two of these riders have been included in the team and two have not, co-incidentally
    they are Western Australian riders.
    3. Past world title performance. While no one can argue the performance
    of those selected I have to wonder at the wisdom of choosing 5 senior
    elite men when the best possible finishing place
    for at least one of them will be fifth if they all make the final.
    Where is the equity in sending 5 senior men, 2 junior women and only 1
    senior female and 1 junior male.
    Apart from all of that what is happening when I directly ask the question
    of BMXA about announcement of the team and am told that no decision has
    been made when an announcement has been made in a magazine a week prior?
    Last year we saw Scott Taylor finish second at the National Titles and
    be completely overlooked for inclusion in the team. How long will Western
    Australians put up with being ignored. We need to be
    questioning these decisions and if no satisfactory answers are garnered
    then it needs to be taken to an independent body for arbitration. Our
    National coach is thumbing his nose at Western
    Australians and we need to question the conflict of interest evident when
    one of the selectors has a private business that can be connected directly
    to the National Team. Just how inprejudiced is
    the selection process?

    Any comments??

    Kaye Houghton

    20/04 West Coast Nats photos by Gavin D

    Gavin D (
    was in Western Australia on the weekend for the West Coast Nationals and
    naturally took a few photos.
    Click here to check out the handful that he sent.

    19/04 ACT Titles DVD now available

    The Knox DVD was a successful trial for us. It was a way to see if there is
    a place in the market for Australian BMX racing DVDs. Now that we have
    dipped our toe in the waters it’s time to experiment a little with the
    formula. This time we have stuck with using all the qualifying and finals
    footage, added a little intro, introduced some of the AA Pro riders and
    added some music by Ordain, Zero Degrees and Falling, Tonys Juice, Ground and The Bankers.
    The whole thing is a little short of an hour of racing from both days
    of the ACT Titles held early March this year.
    We have some more ideas for the next DVD to keep it fast paced and even
    more interesting, but for now click here to check out our growing range of racing DVDs.


    Thanks to Shannon Rademaker and Glenn Suridge for their help with the
    camera work and Brett MaliC for making the sign visible.

    19/04 Eastfield Results

    I didn’t get down to Eastfield but the AA Pros Levi and Jon
    Jon did a great job of making our presence felt. There’s no race report
    but Paul Fletcher sent this email in.

    “Too bad you couldnt make the meet, what it lacked in numbers, was
    counterd by some great racin’ from all classes. I didn’t see all the pro
    heats but I’m pretty sure Jon Jon and Levi had top points goin’ into the
    final. Young [Daniel] Stocksy, and Charles Nelson were also in there,
    and the rest, the final was awesome. Jon Jon got the snap, with Stocksy,
    and I think Nelson and Levi sittin’ about 4th down the first straight.
    I was watchin Jon Jon, so I’m not sure what was goin’ on mid pack. In
    to the 2nd corner and it was Jon Jon, Nelson and Levi. Jon Jon looked
    to unclip, and lost his lead, with Nelson, Stocks and Levi going for a
    great move on the last corner to take the lead. It was a drag race down
    the last straight. Levi looked to have it, but Jon Jon railed the last
    corner and come from nowhere to take the closest of wins from Levi, and
    I think Price got 3rd, not sure, because we were hoping our Shepparton
    pro got it. So we weren’t really payin’ much attention, what a great example
    to our younger riders to show that you NEVER give up on a race, well done
    to all.
    PS Is that the first time team gets 1st and 2nd on the podium?”

    To answer your question Paul yes, it’s the first time the two
    pros have taken out 1st and 2nd.
    Pro Open Men
    1st Jonathan Hoare (
    2nd Levi Collins ( Fear)
    3rd Ben Price (Sinister)
    4th David Page
    5th Charles Nelson
    6th Nathan Evans
    7th Daniel Stocks (FreeAgent)
    8th GeoffreyTripovich

    Bruiser Cruiser
    1st Dean Coles (
    2nd Colin Gruar
    3rd Glenn Suridge (Sinister)
    4th Greg Siinmaa (Sinister)
    5th Derek Harris

    Click here for full results

    18/04 Vic State titles are open

    At a committee meeting on Saturday BMXVictoria took a vote on whether
    the 2005 Victorian State Championships should be an open event. In a show
    of hands vote almost all hands were for the decision. After the event
    in November there will be a review to see if the titles will be an open
    event in future years.
    It was also decided that the Elite/Junior Elite classes would be replaced
    with A/AA Pro classes for 2005. This should help to boost numbers in the
    pro classes and make racing even more competitive.

    18/04 BMXPIX update

    BMXPix press release
    The winter is behind us, so BMXPIX is back on the track.
    We updated the website with a photoshoot of the NBL Sprinkbreak Nationals
    in Orlando and Tampa, USA.
    Check out the photos on
    Next shoot will be round 1 and 2 of the European Championship for
    Junior and Elite Men and Women.
    These will be held in St. Maxime, France on April 23 and 24.
    So check back for those pictures soon.

    15/04 Help promote BMX in Frankston

    The Frankston Mayors Picnic is one of the City of Frankston’s
    largest one day events which attracts thousands and thousands of people
    and it’s a huge opportunity to promote BMX on a grass roots/local community
    level. The Frankston BMX Club need your help. This means anyone from a
    sprocket rider, to a pro, to a parent willing to donate 1 hour of their
    time to talk to people about BMX. Any pro riders that live close to Frankston
    that are looking for a way to help the sport and add some promotions activities
    to their resume should really consider this. Alternatively if you are
    a reseller, wholesaler or distributor and have posters, stickers, catalogs,
    or anything that will help promote BMX please contact Jane Durso on the
    details below.

    When and Where:
    The Frankston Mayors Picnic
    1st May
    Botanical Gardens
    Frankston, Victoria

    Jane Durso from the Frankston BMX Club on 0425794631 or

    14/04 Redman available down under

    Sirius Bicycles press release
    Sirius Bicycles (formerly Sirius Sports) are very pleased to offer Redman
    Bicycles to BMXers down under. And Team Manager, Adam Campbell is also
    looking for riders from Australia & NZ to join the Sirius Bicycless/Redman
    team. Today, 20 years after Mike Redman managed his first race team and
    built his first BMX bike, Redman Bikes continues to race forward, introducing
    the next generation of Redman Race Frames, the all-new Redman Tomahawk
    available this Autumn 2005. Technique Components, Redman’s line of high
    quality BMX race cranks and ultra-lightweight hubs, also looks to make
    a strong return to the market this season. Redman Bikes- Championship
    Bicycle Motocross, Since 1985. For Australian or New Zealand sales/dealer
    enquiries email

    13/04 Olympics Competition

    Last year we ran a competition, in conjunction with Dirt Designs
    and GT Australia, to determine who you thought would be the three most
    likely male and female riders to make up the Australian Olympic BMX Team
    for the 2008 Olympics in China.
    Here were the results:
    Female riders
    1. Melissa Mankowski 93.75%
    2. Emma Franklin 71.88%
    3. Chloe Macpherson 53.13%
    Male riders
    1. Michael Fenwick 81.25%
    2. Luke Madill 56.25%
    3. Khalen Young 53.13%
    We knew there would be a changing list from year to year as we near the
    Olympics and thought it would be interesting to run this as an annual
    Now we’ll add another element, this is now open to all readers in all
    The competition ends in one month on May 13. Only 1 entry per person.

    All you have to do is send us an email to
    with the subject heading “Olympics Competiion 2005”. Incomplete
    emails will be deleted and not counted.
    The prize
    A copy of the soon to be released Home Brew: ACT Titles DVD.
    In your email include all the following details:
    1. Answer this question:
    Who are the 3 most likely male and female riders (full names) that you
    think will represent your country at the 2008 Olympics?
    2. Make sure we have your details:
    Full name, country, valid email address, we also need your postal
    address just incase you win. Your email and postal address will only be
    used for this competition and not forwarded to a third party.
    Your email should look something like this:
    1. Mike Fenwick
    2. Luke Madill
    3. Michael Robinson
    1. Nichole Callisto
    2. Emma Franklin
    3. Ziggy Callan
    Shane Jenkins, Australia,, 1 Some Street, Kinglake,
    Good luck!

    12/04 bmxultra’s Home Brew DVDs

    You may have heard of our first DVD Knox ‘Dome, well we’re about
    to complete our second which is footage from the ACT Titles held last
    month in Canberra. We just need to finalise some music and we are ready
    to go. The DVD is nearly an hour of footage and so far includes music
    by independant Australian bands Ordain and Zero Degrees and Falling. If
    you know of any bands that might want to promote their music through our
    racing DVDs they can email us at the address above.
    For more information about the Home Brew DVDs check out our DVD page.

    11/04 Team Specialized NZ take out Elite Men and Woman

    Specialized NZ press release
    This year the New Zealand Champs were in the South Island at Christchurch.
    By Friday the rain came in and the super fast track became a slow mud
    hole. Saturday was the UCI Oceania round six, which was 3 motos and 1
    Final. Marc Williers(Specialized) Elite Men 1st and Sarah Walker(Specialized)
    Elite Woman 1st. Overall with two more UCI Rounds to go, Marc is in 4th
    and Sarah in 2nd Day 2.
    Sunday was the NZ Champs and the rain was holding off and the track started
    to get fast again. The final results again were Marc(Specialized) Elite
    Men 1st and Sarah(Specialized) Elite Woman 1st.
    Specialized Team is proudly supported by: Fox Clothing, Answer Forks,
    Leppin Energy, Tangent Plates and Pads.

    11/04 Bellarine results

    Bellarine BMX press release
    The first round of the Western Extreme series was run on Sunday
    with a good turn out of riders coming mostly from Mt Gambier, Portland,
    Geelong and Melbourne. The meeting was run in hot and windy conditions
    but the riders we able to adapt.

    There were 2 tough gates of Open Money class riders.
    Money class final results
    1. Ben Price
    2. Luke Pretlove
    3. Shane Claassen
    4. David Page
    5. Ashley McCutcheon
    6. David Murdoch
    7. Jarrod Tingate
    8. Connor Hunter

    The next round of the Western Extreme Series will be at Mount Gambier
    on Sunday 1st May, the Portland track is till under construction, it will
    be ready by 22nd May.

    09/04 Martin final piece to puzzle…

    Staats/Sirius Press Release
    The Staats Bicycles team is pleased to welcome Cory Martin (11 Boys) to
    the team for next season. Cory was NZ 1 in 2004 but was unable to defend
    his title in 2005 due to a broken arm sustained a few weeks out from this
    year’s nationals. This was the 2nd time Cory had had a lay-off this
    season due to a broken arm. He also missed the North Island Titles at
    the start of the season & was reduced to being merely a spectator
    in Rotorua. As a result of his disappointing year, Cory is fired up &
    ready to assist his teammates with their assault on the Dalliston Team
    Trophy next season, which kicks off with the North Island Titles at Papakura
    (Auckland). And as Papakura is Cory’s home track the smart money
    would be on him having a good race. Cory will also trial for the Mighty
    11’s at the Pre-norths, held the weekend prior to the North Island Titles.
    So you may also see him taking on the Aussies as well as the local competition
    at Papakura!

    09/04 Intense BMX Sabot Race Frames

    Intense BMX press release
    High Quality BMX race frames are a must for you to be out front of your moto
    and ready to finish atop the podium. Intense BMX Frames are just that.
    Designed in the USA and ridden by some of the world’s fastest racers,
    the quality doesn’t get better than Intense BMX. Intense BMX frames
    have been around for a few years and our track record speaks for itself-
    2 years on the market and 2 ABA #1 Amateur titles with Team Intense/Challenge
    rider Josh Oie aboard them. 7005 series alloy with double butted down
    tube, cnc’d dropouts, euro BB, beautiful paint and graphics are
    some of the fine features for the world’s finest BMX race frames.
    The Intense Sabot Pro frame model weights in at just 3 pounds 11 ounces.

    For 2005 things are bigger than ever for Intense BMX, and while the frames
    have been renamed Sabot, nothing about the highest quality race designed
    frames has changed.

    Sabot (noun)– pronounced sa bo – a lightweight sleeve, such as
    a missile casing, placed around a projectile so that it can be fired from
    a weapon with a high intensity at maximum speed.

    Currently all the Intense BMX frame models are in stock, so It’s
    perfect time to get you hands on one of the fastest and lightest BMX bikes
    out there – in name and on the track.

    Smart teams such as Intense/Challenge, Phantom/On Trac, Dans Competition,
    Factory ATI, Incycle, Reno Photo, University Cyclery, LDC Racing, Team
    Cafferty’s, Intense BMX, Fullerton Bikes, SBR Intense, Hite Bikes,
    Extreme BMX, Extreme Bicycles, SL-Eye, Bicycle Concepts, and Sonne Racing
    all ride exclusively on Intense BMX frames and you can too. Just check
    out your local dealer.

    The Intense Sabot BMX frame comes in 12 different frame Sizes- Pro XXL,
    Pro XL, Pro, Expert XL, Expert, Junior XL, Junior, Mini XL, Mini, Pro
    Cruiser, Expert Cruiser, and Junior Cruiser. Each frame comes in 5 different
    colors and the $US299 suggested retail price is one of the best deals
    in BMX for a high quality BMX racing frame.

    For information on frame geometry, the line of the Intense Tire Systems,
    or any other scoop on INTENSE BMX, please check out

    Intense BMX and Intense Tire System are proud to be associated with the
    finest Bicycle dealers world wide. Intense BMX Products are a division
    of VSI Products. –

    09/04 One Bicycles Spring break news

    One Bicycles press release
    The Spring break races in the USA were very succesful for the One Bicycles
    crew. For the European riders that flew over it was there first race since
    October. Rain and snow has kept them off their bikes until April. They
    used the Springbreak Nationals to prepare for their season that starts
    in France at the end of April. Along with the Europeans Manuel Lopez (ARG),
    Emilio Falla (EQU) and Kevin Hill (CAN) came over to join the rest of
    the US team.The US team members took good care of all the guys.
    Arturs Matisons will stay in the US until the final rounds of the European
    Championship. He won A Pro on Saturday in Orlando and graduated to AA
    Pro for Sunday.
    Some of the riders had to get used to the difference between the UCI and
    NBL and missed their quarters the first day in Orlando.With 20 riders
    at European races you have ½ finals in stead of ¼.
    All other euro Pro riders made mains during the races in Orlando and Tampa.
    They’ll be ready for the euro season that starts in 3 weeks. It was a
    great experience and much needed preperation.
    Vilma Rimsaite, who was in Italy to get ready for the season, will be
    joined by Emilio Falla at the UCI center in Switzerland in May. He will
    be attending most of the European Championship rounds.
    Besides the great success there were also injuries – Dave Bentage,
    Ezell Johnson, Arturs Matisons, Roy van de Berg and Nick Lucas all crashed
    hard in Tampa but they will all be ready to rock ‘n roll at the
    upcoming events.
    Our photo site
    will be updated next week with pics from both the Easter Classic and Gator
    ONE Bicycles’ BMX team is sponsored by: TROY LEE DESIGNS, BOMBSHELL, SHIMANO,
    NIKE 6.0, NIKE Cycling, NIKE Timing and BMXPIX

    09/04 Entry forms: Sunbury/Mount Gambier

    We have just received an entry form for the first round of the Northern
    Rivers Regional championships series which will be held at Sunbury on
    the 24th of April and the Australian Country Championships which will
    be held at Mount Gambier in June.
    All entry forms are available for download
    from our race calendar.

    09/04 Border BMX Club news

    Border BMX Club press release
    This weekend the Chaingang Mountain Bike club in Beechworth, held a 6
    hour endurance ride. They asked the club riders who live in Beechworth
    if they would like to put on a display & hit up on some dirt jumps
    which had been made out in the bush. For a mother they looked pretty big
    and a bit close to the trees, but the boys just laughed at me.
    Evan Smith “Stiffi” and Adam Carey had some fun showing 200
    or so mountain bike riders what can be done on a 20 inch.
    Bob Spagnolo the director, filmed the boys for about an hour. Stiffi wore
    a head cam. It looked unreal while he was jumping.
    It will be featured in coming weeks on Gooch productions in Melbourne
    on channel 31.

    08/04 BMXA to Break Tradition

    The rumours have been flying and now the official statement is
    out, BMX Australia will break a 25 year tradition in 2006. Next years
    Australian BMX Championships will NOT be on over the Easter weekend, but
    rather on the 5th to 7th May at Wayville Showgrounds Adelaide.
    Who will fill the rather large hole in Australia’s BMX Calendar? Will
    it effect the date of what is becomming Australia’s biggest race meeting
    the ACT titles which is normally run 6 weeks before the Aussies?
    The biggest question is why would you move the event away from Easter?
    It all seems to be based around the Australian Championships being an
    indoor event. Sure if we have it outdoor it could rain, but the first
    Australian Championships held indoor wasn’t until 1999 at Brigadoon in
    Western Australia. It often did rain at the Nationals in the years preceeding
    that, but the races went on, titles were awarded and people kept going
    back. In fact, if I remember correctly, Australia’s biggest National Championships
    were held outdoors at Ashmore, Queensland in ’83 where entries neared
    the 1900 mark.
    The 3 reasons that BMXA use are 1. availablility of the venue, 2. cheaper
    for BMXA and travel/accomodation costs 3. elite riders will be able to
    compete at the UCI races in New Zealand over the Easter weekend. I don’t
    buy it, the elite riders haven’t been considered in the past couple of
    years where UCI rounds were held in Australia and New Zealand on the same
    weekend. But also wouldn’t one of the tracks surrounding Adelaide be available
    over Easter, and wouldn’t staying in the outer suburbs of Adelaide be
    cheaper than staying in the city? I had a ball at the South Australian
    titles in Tea Tree Gully last October, the track was a lot of fun, it
    could probably do with a new surface and a tidy up but that would be cheaper
    than renting dirt and an indoor venue.
    I guess the proof will be in the pudding. If the venue will be cheaper
    for BMXA in May, the entry fees should also be cheaper than they have
    been the past couple of years, making it more affordable for everyone.
    Will we see a reduction in cost? I doubt it.

    07/04 Franklin joins team

    Emma Franklin is one of Australia’s most decorated female riders. She’s the
    current elite women’s Victorian State Champion, a former Australian and
    World champion, and finished 4th in the Junior Elite Women’s class at
    the UCI World Championships in Holland last year.
    Emma’s gone a little quiet of late, she hasn’t raced a round of the Oceanic
    UCI series nor did she compete at the Australian Championships, but don’t
    write her off just yet. Emma’s been training on her new One Bicycles frame
    for around a month now and is all set to get back into racing. She was
    one of the favourites in our poll last year to determine the 3 most likely
    women to compete for Australia at the 2008 olympics. We’re sure that she’ll
    still be in the running as we approach selection for the team.
    Emma plans return to her dominant form, that we’re all used to seeing,
    as well as help to promote women in BMX.
    Emma will be flying the colours on the track from now
    “We look forward to getting her back into racing at full swing and
    think she’s a great fit to our team as she joins Jonathan “Jon-Jon”
    Hoare (AA Pro), Shane Jenkins (A Pro) and co-sponsored rider Levi Collins
    (AA Pro) on the team.” says Shane Jenkins,’s
    team manager
    The team is sponsored by One Bicycles, Answer BMX, Supercross,
    Dirt Designs, ATi, Pazzaz, Control Tech, and Tektro.

    06/04 Levi Collins hooks up with Staats/Sirius

    By’s Levi Collins has hooked up a frame deal with Staats via the Australia/New
    Zealand distributor Sirius Sports. Levi is enjoying riding, racing and
    reviewing the new Staats Aluminium frame even more now since Staats/Sirius
    made an offer for him to keep the frame as a part of a co-sponsorship
    deal. It will mean that Levi will have the opportunity to review other
    products distributed in Australia/New Zealand by Sirius.
    After hooking up with earlier this year Levi has picked up
    a 5th place at the ACT titles in the Pro Open, 4th place in the Elite
    Cruiser at the Australian Championships and seems to be improving from
    race to race.
    Levi’s official sponsors are and Staats/Sirius, he is also
    helped out by his former sponsor Sinister.
    About Sirius Sports
    Sirius Sports of New Zealand are the official distributors in Australia
    and New Zealand for brands such as Staats, Hyper, MCS and No Fear (cycling).
    Sirius Sports are also the New Zealand distributor for One Bicycles.
    Sirius Sports website:

    05/04 Wade Bootes Racing team looking for riders

    It’s no secrect that WBR, Wade Bootes’ new venture, is in full
    force and the WBR factory team just might kick off a whole new generation
    of rider. Bootes, along with Percentage, potentially could influence a
    renewal of Australia’s manufacturing industry which has been dormant for
    many years.
    WBR are calling for riders to apply for the WBR factory team. Successful
    applicants will benefit from a Wade Bootes mentoring program and free
    product “from some of the best companies in the market”.

    If you’d like any further information click on the image to the right
    or head straight over to

    05/04 Western Extreme Series

    By Bellarine BMX Club
    This Sunday the 1st round of the Western Extreme Series will be held at
    the Bellarine BMX Club.
    Racing will start at 11am. Registration from 9.30am.
    There’s a new third straight at Bellarine to test all riders.
    14+ Money class $100 plus payback. Also $5.00 will be paid into an end
    of series prize pool for the top 8 riders of the series to race for.
    Where? The Bellarine BMX Club is situated in Coppards rd Whittington.
    Melway ref.431 g12.
    For phone enquiries call 5241 6185

    05/04 Race Report: NBL Gator National, Tampa, Florida press release
    Round 3 of the NBL 2005 Pro Series race series was held in Tampa, Florida
    this past weekend. With the NBL season still new in the title chase, it
    is all up for grabs for any one rider to step up and take a demanding
    lead in the #1 Pro chase. On the back end of 2 consecutive weeks in Florida,
    some of the riders had made the trip back and forth home after Round 2
    in Orlando last weekend while a few stayed in Florida to ride and have
    some fun. Either way, the Double A Marketing riders had a great weekend
    in Tampa and made the fans excited. Here are how the riders finished up
    for the weekend:

    Kyle Bennett, last seasons NBL #1 Pro has had a solid
    year so far in 2005. With consistency on his side, Kyle is once again
    one of the riders who is near the top of the early points lead. On Saturday,
    Kyle had a strong race, over jumped the first jump just a bit but was
    able to hold on for 3rd overall. On Sunday, Kyle was back and this time
    was up in the front again, again taking a 3rd overall in AA Pro. One of
    the best pros on the circuit lets his racing do the talking and 2005 has
    been a big year for him so far. Kyle’s sponsors include Free Agent, KHS,
    Answer, Sun Ringle, UGP, Truvativ, Velo, S&M bars, ATI, Shimano, Profile,
    Powerbar, Cyto Sport, and

    Randy Stumpfhauser always does his best to take care
    of his fans with impressive results and a friendly word, and once again
    Randy didn’t let anyone down with some great results and time for everyone.
    On Saturday, Randy missed out the AA main, but came back to take a win
    in Pro Cruiser. Sunday, Randy was focused on AA Pro and when the gate
    dropped, he took off looking for a good result. Randy finished 2nd overall
    and then went onto win Pro Cruiser once again. Randy’s sponsors include
    GT Bicycles, Hyundai, ODI, Kenda Tires, Fly, Tangent, Fox Rider Company
    Clothing, Smith, Sun Ringle, Bombshell Forks, Profile, AC, Powerbar, CTI
    Knee Braces, Tool Shed, SDG, S & M, Cyto Sport, and

    Brandon Meadows once again came alive on a good track.
    On Saturday, Brandon was out front in AA Pro and was one of the riders
    to watch throughout the day. In the semi, unfortunately Brandon had some
    rider crash in front of him, keeping him out of the AA Main. On Sunday,
    Brandon was back and this time it was in Pro Open, and he was in the main
    and just missed the podium with a 4th. Look for some big things in the
    near future from him. Brandon’s sponsors include Specialized, FLY, Tangent,
    Cyto Sport, Shimano, Sun Ringle, Powerbar, and

    Cristian Becerine rode a lot stronger than his 5th place
    in AA Pro on Saturday showed. With mutable hole shots and moto wins, Christian
    seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time come semi time. With
    a strong fan base of the South American Riders, Cristian was around friends
    and had a good time and will be back better and stronger at the next national.
    Cristian’s sponsors include Crupi, O’Neal, Answer, UGP, ODI, Sun Ringle,
    Shimano, Tool Shed, Powerbar,, Cyto Sport, and Thomson Seat

    Double A Marketing proudly represents Kyle Bennett, Cristian Becerine,
    Wade Bootes, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, Brandon Meadows, John Parker,
    and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information on any of the riders, or
    questions abut sponsorship of any of the athletes, please visit

    04/04 Backyard BMX week 2

    By Shane Jenkins
    Aussie BMXers are full of dreams, if you ask them you will find
    at the top of their list they either want to be #1, to race in America
    or to have a backyard track. I’ve raced in America and I have to say it’s
    much easier to do than building a backyard track. To get to America I
    had to save hard for a year and make a few sacrifices here and there.
    To build a backyard track…well that’s a whole different story. I have
    been able to source an endless supply of dirt which is loaded by bobcat
    but shovelled off by hand into my backyard.
    On Saturday my sister Michelle (ex-BMXer), her husband Rob, and my three
    nephews (2 of them ex-BMXers) Brad (12), Josh (12), and Andrew (8) all
    helped me. We started moving the dirt by 6X4 trailer, but got in 4 loads
    (about 4 tonne) before deciding we needed a truck. The truck carried 4
    tonne of dirt in one load and we managed to move 3 truck loads before
    dark and all we managed to get done was one more corner.
    Sunday came round, it started early for me around 7:30am. It was forecasted
    to rain, and I had a truck load of dirt to move before it got wet and
    heavy. We weren’t going to get access to any more dirt until about 1pm,
    so others weren’t going to turn up until around 11am. Shannon Rademaker
    was first to arrive, and straight away he got into shaping the corners
    and the dirt that I dumped for the first jump on the track. Then Glenn
    Suridge arrived, shortly after that Derek & Tracey Harris, Jon Jon,
    and Tracy’s sister Trish. We had the track shaped, some of the low hanging
    branches cut down and cleaned up in no time and were all set for more
    dirt. Once we got the call around 2pm we managed to get another 3 truck
    loads of dirt in before dark. We have a big jump before the first corner
    and some smaller jumps up the second straight. All will require more dirt,
    but it’s a good basis for a track now. My shoulders are killing me from
    shovelling for what seems to be the whole weekend, this BMX dream seems
    to be turning into a nightmare. I think I’ll be saving for a dumper truck
    to dump the dirt for me next time around.
    There will be photos soon, I just need to get my battery charger back
    and I’ll be set.
    Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Derek and Shannon who soldiered
    on through the rain and into the dark.

    04/04 Team Redline Takes Out Corporate Team Challenge

    By John Vockenson
    Redline team riders put in a strong performance at the Australian BMX
    Championships held over the Easter weekend in Cairns North Queensland.
    They took home the Corporate Team Trophy for Redline Australia along with
    a swag of top three placings.
    Todd Pascoe was in superb form in his first year in Junior Elite to take
    2nd in his 20 inch final behind Leigh Darrell and 3rd in cruiser. He also
    made the mains in both UCI rounds finishing 5th on both days.
    The talented Josh Callan took out 1st in 13-14 cruiser with his equally
    talented older sister Ziggy taking out 1st in 17 girls. Justin Braybon
    proved a consistant performer in the very tough 14 boys class finishing
    3rd and made it a fantastic one-two finish for Redline in the 13-14 cruiser
    after finishing 2nd behind Josh.
    Luke Pretlove blitzed the field in 17-29 cruiser and was a very close
    second in 17+ men. Michael Vockenson looked strong all weekend and took
    out 1st in 16 boys and placed 3rd in 15-16 cruiser. Townsville’s
    Ashley Pemberton pulled off a wicked move on the first berm of the 15-16
    cruiser final to come from last to second place, he moved to first place
    when team mate Damien Rosenthal fell in the second berm and was narrowly
    beaten on the finish line to take out 2nd place.
    Last years National Champion and 2003 dual National Champion, Damien Rosenthal,
    was a strong contender in both 16 boys and 15-16 cruiser and was unlucky
    not to finish in the top three in both class’s.
    Redlines junior team members, Perth’s Hannah Throns and Luke Tanner
    both made it to finals in the 10year age classes. Hannah was thrilled
    with her third placing after being National Champion in 2004.
    The 2005 Nationals also saw the return to racing of Redline’s Peter
    Cowper and Maggie Faux. Both Peter and Maggie have had an extended break
    from racing and are aiming to be in top form for the upcoming Queensland
    state titles.

    Full team results:
    Todd Pascoe 2nd Junior Elite 3rd. Junior Elite cruiser
    Josh Callan 1st 13-14 cruiser 8th 14 boys
    Ziggy Callan 1st 17 girls 2nd 18U womens cruiser
    Michael Vockenson 1st 16 boys 3rd 15-16 cruiser
    Luke Pretlove 1st 17-29 cruiser 2nd 17+ men
    Ashley Pemberton 2nd 15-16 cruiser Semi,s 16 boys
    Justin Braybon 2nd 13-14 cruiser 3rd 14 boys
    Hannah Throns 3rd 10 girls
    Damien Rosenthal 6th 16 boys 8th 15-16 cruiser
    Luke Tanner 7th 10 boys

    The Redline team would like to sincerely thank Bill DeMaid of BMX International
    for all his advice and support and for his continuing enthusiasm for the
    great sport of BMX.
    The team would also like to thank the Cairns BMX Club who presented the
    Australian BMX community with a first class venue for our National Titles.

    04/04 Australia Creates History “Stevenson and Fenwick dominate”

    Who can forget the headlines after last years World Championships
    in Holland?

    Australia is preparing for another assault on the world stage this year
    and is looking forward to another successful UCI World Championship in

    In preparation for the event, the staff of BMX Australia would like to
    congratulate the following riders on there selection and introduce them,
    as they will be representing the green and gold at the upcoming World
    Championships in Paris later in the year.

    Warwick Stevenson, 2 x ABA title winner and current UCI World Champion
    in the Elite Male division
    Michael Fenwick, 2004 UCI Junior Elite Male World Champion
    Luke Madill, 2005 National Champion Elite Male
    Michael Robinson, 2005 National #3 Elite Male
    Kamakazi, 2005 National #4 Elite Male and former 2004 Champion
    Leigh Darrell, 2005 National Junior Elite Champion and multiple UCI World
    Champion in the challenge class
    Krystal Cranfield, 2004 UCI #8 Junior Elite Female
    Nicole Callisto, 2005 National Champion and UCI #6 Junior Female
    Melissa Mankowski, 2005 National #2 and former challenge class UCI World

    The team is looking forward to the challenge ahead and under the watch
    full eye of world renowned/Australian High Performance coach Sean Dwight,
    the competition can guarantee the team will show up with the horsepower
    to get the job done come July.

    01/04 Staats ’04/’05 season report

    Staats/Sirius press release
    After 5 rounds of the Dalliston Team Trophy my (NZ) team finished just
    out of 3rd place with a respectable 4th & I’m very pleased with this
    result. This was our first season in the competition & at no stage
    during the season did I have a full team of riders, as one or more of
    my team riders suffered a broken bone of some description. Our injury
    list consisted of Tim’s broken arm, Robert’s broken arm, Scott’s broken
    collar bone, & Chelsea’s broken finger (sustained two weeks out from
    nationals)… my riders joked that we must have been cursed!

    Congratulations to the the CAT Team, racing out of the Papakura (Auckland)
    club, on winning the Dalliston Team Trophy.

    Next season we will once again make a run at the Dalliston & I’ve
    added a former NZ 1 to the team to bolster our chances. More on that signing

    Below are the results from the NZ & Australian Titles:
    Chelsea King NZ 3 11 Girls
    Dirk Winter AUS 1 15 Boys / AUS 1 15-16 CR
    Nikki Harper AUS 4 Junior Elite Women
    Robert Blackham NZ 4 Junior Elite
    Scott Hosking* NZ 1 16 Boys / NZ 1 15-16 CR
    Tim Ferguson* NZ 8 Elite Men / NZ 3 Elite CR
    Wayne Pottow NZ 6 15 Boys
    Wyatt Clinch NZ 3 14 Boys / NZ 1 13-14 CR
    *Drafted into the BMX NZ High Performance program.

    Of special mention are the results of Wyatt Clinch, Scott Hosking &
    Dirk Winter.

    Wyatt Clinch – Wyatt’s build up to the nationals had been solid &
    he looked ready to topple the incumbent NZ 1 in 20″ & cruiser,
    Kurt Pickard (World # 7, 13 Boys). Wyatt’s first straight was in a word…
    dominating! He consistently pulled everyone to the first turn all weekend
    long. Where he sufferred, as did many a racer that weekend (including
    yours truly) was in maintaining sufficient track speed down the second,
    more difficult straight. Wyatt’s cruiser race was nothing short of electrifying
    & we’re all very proud of his accomplishment.

    Dirk Winter – Dirk is clearly in a class of his own & once you read
    his race report (coming soon) you’ll understand why. Dirk doubled on his
    20″ & cruiser & now looks set to battle it out in the very
    tough AA Pro class throughout the remainder of the aussie season. May
    I remind you all that Dirk is still only 14 years old!

    Scott Hosking – Like Dirk, Scott doubled & is head & shoulders
    above his competition. Scott didn’t drop a moto all weekend, well there
    was one moto on his cruiser where it could be argued that he let his best
    friend edge him out at the finish, but Scott will insist otherwise. So
    dominant was Scott that he could often be seen coasting down on the final
    straight whilst his nearest competition was negotiating the final turn!
    Scott’s future in BMX looks bright & BMX NZ have acknowledged his
    abilities on the bike with a call up onto their high performance team.
    Scott is the youngest member in the program & will travel with the
    BMX NZ Senior Test Team to Tamworth (Australia) in June. He has also been
    selected to represent NZ at the UCI BMX World Championships in Paris,

    Good luck to those riders travelling to Tamworth with the BMX NZ team
    & to those of you heading off to the Worlds. I know you’ll do Staats

    Adam Campbell – Team Manager – Staats Bicycles (NZ/Australia)

    01/04 Chris Jongewaard Australian XC Champion

    Chris Jongewaard is a name that rings bells for anyone who was at the
    1998 UCI World BMX Championships in Melbourne. He was the young rider
    from the Northern Territory who managed to sneak through the carnage round
    after round until he eventually found himself in the Elite Men’s final.
    Chris’ race that weekend has often been compared to fellow Aussie, Speed
    Skater, Steven Bradbury’s Gold Medal winning performance at the 2002 Winter
    Chris stuck with BMX for a couple more years where he had started to get
    amongst Australia’s elite when he faded out of the sport altogether.
    Turning his cycling focus to mountain biking in the last few years he’s
    had a lot of success on Aussie soil, last year he finished second in the
    Elite class cross country, this year he did one better and took the gold.
    To find out more about his gold winning performance follow this link: