Jamie Staff

    Jamie Staff is one of the many imports competing in the US national ABA  and NBL series today. He’s a quiet achiever, he doesn’t get quite as much publicity as country men Neil Wood and Dale Holmes but he can still mix it with the best of them and regularly makes AA Pro mains. How/when and where did you first get involved in BMX?
    Jamie: I first go started in BMX when I was 9 after seeing a couple of my friends on them, then I got one for Christmas and basically started racing at local tracks and did real good off the bat.I think I got 2nd in my first ever race, and the track was about 2 bikes wide with about three jumps. What made you decide to go to the US to race BMX?
    Jamie: I came to the US because It was either stay in England and work or go to the US and have a chance of making a living at what I love. I was lucky I feel in getting a sponsor from Haro and if I hadn’t got that, then I might not be here right now. If you don’t have a sponsor or loads of money then its pretty much impossible to hit the races, as its so expensive. An average weekend will run your sponsor about a $1000. Do you get to spend much time in the UK?
    Jamie: NO Not enough! Is it difficult to be full time in the US with your family in the UK?
    Jamie: I miss my family a lot and wish I could see them more but I’m always on the phone with them and I just hooked my Dad up with a computer and put him on the Internet, he’s getting a web cam so we will be able to see each other as well. But that’s part of life and if you want to be happy then sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I’m spending the month of December with them though, which I’m looking forward to. What are your thoughts on clipless pedals in BMX?
    Jamie: Clipless pedals are OK if you feel comfortable wearing them and you are prepared to possibly get hurt when you crash and are still attached to the bike. Performance wise I don’t think they give you much if any advantage. There’s a couple of pro’s that wear them on and off and they don’t seem to be any faster when there wearing them. What music do you listen too?
    Jamie: I listen to any music except country. Lenny Kravitz is one of my favorites What do you think of Neil Young?
    Jamie: Who is Neil Young? What is your favourite website?
    Jamie: My Favorite web site would be, don’t know I don’t go on the Internet that much unless I need something, I would have to say, Who are your sponsors?
    Jamie: My sponsors are: Haro, Adidas, Answer, Arnette, DV8 Clothing, ODI, Powerbar, Cytomax, Headlock, Shimano. What crank length/gearing ratio do you use?
    Jamie: I use 180mm cranks and run 41, 15 gear, sometimes 44, 16 Do you think that there is a real science to gears/cranks/frame length/etc?
    Jamie: I think there is a science to gear ratios but I don’t have the time to figure it out, I just go by feel. What would you be doing if you weren’t a BMX Pro?
    Jamie: If I wasn’t a BMX pro I would be working in the building industry as a surveyor, Architect, engineer? I’ve always been brought up in the building industry and that’s my other love. If there was any one rule you could change in BMX what would it be?
    Jamie: The only thing that I would like changed in BMX would be to have a wider starting gate and lanes. That’s how it was in England, and I don’t always get the best starts and that is something that would help me out. Also BIGGER JUMPS. Mandatory. What is your favourite track?
    Jamie: My favorite track to ride is Phoenix, AZ because it is soooo smooth and fast. What is your least favourite track?
    Jamie: My least favorite track would be Sadela Missouri, this track is indoors and is 20 seconds long with about 5 jumps (its terrible) If you have gate 5 – 8 forget it! What do you do for training?
    Jamie: I train on the track, trails and go to the gym enough said!! Who do you train/ride with?
    Jamie: I train by myself most of the time, but when you go to the track then there’s at least a handful of pro’s there. I was in the gym the other day and there was me,  Christophe, Robbie Mirranda, Todd Lyons, Dale Holmes and a few others, but we don’t work out together. We make fun of each other instead! especially Todd. Do you think there is any disadvantage to spending more time on the track bike and less on the BMX track?
    Jamie: I don’t ever go on a track bike. well once and ate shit Who are your favourite riders?
    Jamie: My favorite riders would be everyone, they all have there good sides, The hardest to beat would be Christophe, Tomas, Purse, Remero,Nelson,
    Tomas blows me away on how he rides a BMX track. He’s fast as #*%$ and so smooth. I love watching dirt jumpers and street riders, I love and respect all types of BMX riders. Which rider do you hate racing against most and why?
    Jamie: I hate racing against Tomas because of the above! What is your favourite country to race in?
    Jamie: My favorite country to race in would be here although I did love coming to Australia and racing there, you have some talented riders. You have been to Australia a couple of times now how does it compare to other countries?
    Jamie: I love Australia, there’s 3 places I could live and they would be England, US, and Australia. I always have a lot of fun there! What do you like most about Australia?
    Jamie: The thing I like most about Australia would be the people, they are so friendly and welcoming. What do you think of the tracks?
    Jamie: The tracks are a lot like England, wide open and fast but they need some more technical sections on their tracks.