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Warwick Stevenson

bmxultra.com: When did you get started in BMX?

Warwick: About 1990.

bmxultra.com: What would you be doing now if you weren’t involved in BMX?

Warwick: Probably working at some boring job somewhere, doing the same routine everyday.

bmxultra.com: What music do you listen to? What do you think of Neil Young?

Warwick: Who is Neil Young? All kinds, from slow to rock, to punk I like a little of everything.

bmxultra.com: What was it like to win the Junior Elite Cruiser class at the Worlds in 98 (Melboune, AUS)?

Warwick: That would have been the best day of my life.

bmxultra.com: What was going through your mind when you crashed out of the semi of your 20 inch class?

Warwick: I was really disappointed with myself, that was the one I really wanted to win.

bmxultra.com: What happened to Bulletproof (Warwick’s own brand of bike) after you left Australia?

Warwick: I guess winning a national title, and a world title wasn’t enough to keep a frame and fork. So I went out and purchased my own bike.

bmxultra.com: How did you find yourself in the states?

Warwick: It’s been a dream of mine for years. Grant White helped me get here by giving me advice about who I should contanct and where I should stay. He was the one who organized everything with the ABA.

bmxultra.com: What is the plan? Are you there for the long run or will we be seeing you back in Australia soon?

Warwick: At the moment I am living my dream and if all goes well I won’t be back for a while.

bmxultra.com: How is the US looking after you?

Warwick: Everyone has been extremely nice and helpful.

bmxultra.com: How is the Standard deal going? Are you still helping building tracks?

Warwick: Still working out a contract with Standard. Who knows what is going to happen. Yes I am still building tracks.

bmxultra.com: Who are your sponsors?

Warwick: Standard, ABA, Shift/Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Tektro, Dope BMX Products

bmxultra.com: How fast are Leveque, Purse, etc?

Warwick: They are beatable. Just give me some time.

bmxultra.com: What do you think your main strengths & weaknesses are?

Warwick: Second and third pedal down the first straight. I have been doing pretty good in the rhythm sections, I guess.

bmxultra.com: How are your gates? I hear they are not your strongest point.

Warwick: My gates suck.

bmxultra.com: How more or less technical are the tracks in US?

Warwick: A little more technical, bigger lips and more jumps.

bmxultra.com: How professionally run are the events in the US?

Warwick: They are way more professionally run. They run 3 Australian Nationals in one day.

bmxultra.com: I have seen that racing in the US involves a great deal of contact between riders, has it been hard to adjust to?

Warwick: In A-Pro, if I’m out front, they try to kill me. AA it’s like they study you because every time I race those guys they swamp me on the gate. But, they are way more professional.

bmxultra.com: Have you ridden any great trials?

Warwick: NO! No good trails yet. Phoenix is boring.

bmxultra.com: What training have you been doing? Is it different from what you did here?

Warwick: I haven’t trained yet in five and a half weeks. I have been traveling around to much I haven’t had time to ride my bike.

bmxultra.com: Any tips for others aspiring to come over to US?

Warwick: Save heaps of money. Organize it before you go. Become good friends with the ABA. Train really really hard.

bmxultra.com: If there is anything you’d like to add then shoot, good luck in the future.

Warwick: I would like to thank God especially. I want to thank my mom and dad, Daniel and Murf at Ballistic clothing, Etnies shoes, HJC helmets, peats ridge mineral water, sand stock homes. (my sponsors) from Aus. I would like to thank Grant White the legend, the ABA, all the people that made my dream become a reality. I would also like to thank all my friends that gave me inspiration, and believed in me. ps. danial how is the other half living.

Interviewed: May 1999

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