Warwick Stevenson When did you get started in BMX?

    Warwick: About 1990. What would you be doing now if you weren’t involved in BMX?

    Warwick: Probably working at some boring job somewhere, doing the same routine everyday. What music do you listen to? What do you think of Neil Young?

    Warwick: Who is Neil Young? All kinds, from slow to rock, to punk I like a little of everything. What was it like to win the Junior Elite Cruiser class at the Worlds in 98 (Melboune, AUS)?

    Warwick: That would have been the best day of my life. What was going through your mind when you crashed out of the semi of your 20 inch class?

    Warwick: I was really disappointed with myself, that was the one I really wanted to win. What happened to Bulletproof (Warwick’s own brand of bike) after you left Australia?

    Warwick: I guess winning a national title, and a world title wasn’t enough to keep a frame and fork. So I went out and purchased my own bike. How did you find yourself in the states?

    Warwick: It’s been a dream of mine for years. Grant White helped me get here by giving me advice about who I should contanct and where I should stay. He was the one who organized everything with the ABA. What is the plan? Are you there for the long run or will we be seeing you back in Australia soon?

    Warwick: At the moment I am living my dream and if all goes well I won’t be back for a while. How is the US looking after you?

    Warwick: Everyone has been extremely nice and helpful. How is the Standard deal going? Are you still helping building tracks?

    Warwick: Still working out a contract with Standard. Who knows what is going to happen. Yes I am still building tracks. Who are your sponsors?

    Warwick: Standard, ABA, Shift/Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Tektro, Dope BMX Products How fast are Leveque, Purse, etc?

    Warwick: They are beatable. Just give me some time. What do you think your main strengths & weaknesses are?

    Warwick: Second and third pedal down the first straight. I have been doing pretty good in the rhythm sections, I guess. How are your gates? I hear they are not your strongest point.

    Warwick: My gates suck. How more or less technical are the tracks in US?

    Warwick: A little more technical, bigger lips and more jumps. How professionally run are the events in the US?

    Warwick: They are way more professionally run. They run 3 Australian Nationals in one day. I have seen that racing in the US involves a great deal of contact between riders, has it been hard to adjust to?

    Warwick: In A-Pro, if I’m out front, they try to kill me. AA it’s like they study you because every time I race those guys they swamp me on the gate. But, they are way more professional. Have you ridden any great trials?

    Warwick: NO! No good trails yet. Phoenix is boring. What training have you been doing? Is it different from what you did here?

    Warwick: I haven’t trained yet in five and a half weeks. I have been traveling around to much I haven’t had time to ride my bike. Any tips for others aspiring to come over to US?

    Warwick: Save heaps of money. Organize it before you go. Become good friends with the ABA. Train really really hard. If there is anything you’d like to add then shoot, good luck in the future.

    Warwick: I would like to thank God especially. I want to thank my mom and dad, Daniel and Murf at Ballistic clothing, Etnies shoes, HJC helmets, peats ridge mineral water, sand stock homes. (my sponsors) from Aus. I would like to thank Grant White the legend, the ABA, all the people that made my dream become a reality. I would also like to thank all my friends that gave me inspiration, and believed in me. ps. danial how is the other half living.

    Interviewed: May 1999