Video: Tools of Empowerment | Eddy King

    BMX Legend Eddy King was in Australia last week for the 2019 Melbourne Super Show & Shine with Mike Miranda. It’s fitting that our friends over at Shimano sent this video through this morning.

    It’s an inspiring video showing Eddy King from his BMX days and moving to mountain biking to his accident where Eddy was told he’d never walk again and how he’s far exceeded expectations.

    How Eddy King stood strong and made the comeback of his life

    Injuries are very much a part of life for competitive cyclists. The weeks, months and sometimes even years required to heal after severe trauma can send even the most hardened humans into a spiral of depression. Yet from pain can come strength, not only to survive but to live life to its very fullest again. After BMX Hall of Famer Eddy King suffered a devastating crash at Big Bear Bike Park in 2013, he spent years fighting his way back to anything resembling normalcy in his life.

    Subtitles available! Click on the CC (closed caption) button below the video.

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