Answer BMX USA BMX Grands Recap

    To say the 2013 USA BMX Grands was a successful one for Answer BMX would be an extreme understatement.  Beginning with the Saturday Night Pro Spectacular, the wins and awards just kept coming all the way through the final main event on Sunday for Answer BMX and our sponsored racers and teams.  So just how successful was it?

    Golden Crank Awards

    • Team of the Year: Answer Rennen Factory Team
    • Pro of the Year: Sam Willoughby, Redline
    • Rookie Pro of the Year: Justin Posey, Dan’s Comp
    • Bike of the Year: Ssquared Bicycles

    Grands Pro Spectacular Winners

    • AA Pro: Sam Willoughby, Redline
    • Girl Pro: Mariana Pajon, Dan’s Comp
    • A Pro: Jeffery Upshaw, Kuwahara
    • Vet Pro: Matt Polhkamp, Dan’s Comp

    Grands Factory Team Winner

    • Answer Rennen Factory Team

    2013 Overall Title Winners:

    • AA Pro: Sam Willoughby, Redline
    • Girl Pro: Mariana Pajon, Dan’s Comp
    • Amateur: Maliek Byndloss, Ssquared Bicycles
    • Girl: Kelsey Van Ogle, Phoenix Cycles
    • Cruiser: Shawn Diprete, Answer Rennen
    • Girl Cruiser: Jordy Scotty, Redman Bicycles
    • Trophy Team: The Nationals

    That’s 16 great highlights with one thing in common, they were all won on Answer Dagger forks.  It seems like nowadays there are lots of choices out there for carbon fiber race forks, but only one brand has been doing it since the 90’s.  When it comes to carbon fiber, stick with the ones that have been doing it longer and better than everybody else, stick with Answer BMX.  Congrats to all of the racers and teams that chose to ride Answer for the 2013 season.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014.  See you in Reno.