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Answer/SSquared BSX2019: Bronze Partner RAD Factory Team

It’s just 12 days until the Answer/SSquared BSX2019 and we’re still adding partners to the event which means more prizes and more chances for you to win but also more money for our chosen charity, the Royal Children’s Hospital! Are you ready for the most fun you can have on two wheels? If you’ve ever thought of competing at BSX, the one of a kind one-on-one sprint trails/charity event, clear your calendar – Monday 14 January, Kinglake Victoria. There is nothing else like it.

Bronze Partner RAD Factory Team

We are pleased to welcome new Bronze Partner the Rad Factory Team to the BSX2019 line up!

Evolving from the passion and experience of three riders whom shared, and had a passion for BMX racing, brothers Russell & Dale Brown, have established a modern era form of a BMX racing team with a desire to provide opportunity, structure and discipline to a new age of rider. That being their children and associated friends whom share a passion to compete in the sport of BMX.

As a young group of riders back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, Dale & Russell inspired to be that rider from the 1986 movie RAD, aka “Cru Jones” incurring several trips to the hospital and armed with a competitive racing licence, all took to the BMX tracks of Australia with the intention to shred their passion with one goal in mind; to become the next state/national champion. No different to the passion and drive of the modern era rider.

Spending time away from the sport, developing new relationships and the introduction of their children and associated friends, founding members congregated to come up with a concept that would enable these riders to experience the support, obligations and opportunity of a team environment that will hopefully allow them to progress into the world of Factory Sponsorship should they choose to pursue a career and become successful in the modern era sport. That team being the RAD Factory Team (R- Russell, A – and, D – Dale).

Their team is driven by very highly motivated individuals whom seek sportsmanship, respect and discipline that will in turn reflect the traits of their values to riders, friends, family and sponsors whom support and provide RAD Factory Team with the best available opportunity’s and products.

BSX has been a passion of the RAD Factory Team since their return to the sport. They have all in some way shape or form experienced time in the Royal Children’s Hospital. Inspired by the contribution year on year which BSX makes to the RCH Good Friday and having first hand experience that most of their team (new and old) have all spent time in some way shape or another in such a wonderful facility during their time of need, makes the RAD Factory Teams partnership and support with the BSX seem priceless.

“We’re very proud to be associated with BSX and the Royal Children’s Hospital. The continued progression of such a world class facility is an integral part of our community, one the RAD Factory Team is proud to be supportive of”.

“Excitement, thrills and spills are just around the corner with the establishment of BSX Version 2.0. We look forward to attending and participating at this year’s event and wish every rider, official and family the best of luck. Stay safe and remember to live your dreams – Stay RAD”.

The Rad crew will be making a donation to the RCH and supplying us with some great t-shirts for raffle and random prizes.

Answer/SSquared BSX2019 Event Guide

Click here to check out the Answer/SSquared BSX2019 Event Guide

Entry Forms & Online Pre-Entry

We have a pretty small but hard working crew at BSX so there are a couple of things that take us a while to get to, the entry forms are usually one of the last things to get done and we know a few of you have been waiting for these. So, like you, we are very happy the wait is over.

We do things a little differently with our entries, rather than use the standard online entry system and cost you extra money and for us to lose money that we are trying to raise for the Royal Children’s Hospital we offer the following options.

  1. Pre-enter by completing the entry form below, scan it and email it to bsx@bmxultra.com, money to be paid by 10am Jan 14, 2019
  2. Pre-enter by completing the online pre-entry form at bmxultra.com/bsx/pre-enter-for-bsx, money to be paid by 10am Jan 14, 2019
  3. Pre-enter at RJPBMX tent at Rounds 1 & 2 of Track Attack
  4. Enter on the day at the venue 8:30 am – 10 am Jan 14. Entries on day incur an additional $5 fee, donated to the RCH

The key information

  • Entry fee is $30 per class
  • We do take entries on the day but it’s worth your while to get a pre-entry sorted out to keep the impact of on the day entries to a minimum and save five bucks ($5)
  • Block 1 Trophy classes (Practice 9:00am – 10:30am Racing 10:30am – 1:00pm)
    • 8-10 Boys
    • 8-10 Girls
    • 11-13 Boys
    • 11-13 Girls
    • Open Retro
    • 45+ Open Wheel
  • Block 2 Money Classes (Practice 1:00pm – 2:30pm Racing 2:30pm – 5:30pm)
    • Open Men
    • Open Women
    • 30+ Open Wheel Men
    • 30+ Open Wheel Women

Download the entry form

The Answer/Ssquared BSX2019 is presented by BSX Inc/bmxultra.com & proudly supported by

Platinum Partner

Gold Partners
ODI Grips
Radio Bicycles

Silver Partners
ECI Imports
Ringmaster Images
299 Custom Racewear

Bronze Partners
Mac Components
RAD Factory Team


It’s a common misconception that BSX is an invite only event. This is not the case, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and festivities.


Email webmaster@bmxultra.com today for details.


Block 1


Practice 9:00am – 10:30am
Racing 10:30am – 1:00pm


  • 8-10 Boys
  • 8-10 Girls
  • 11-13 Boys
  • 11-13 Girls
  • Open Retro
  • 45+ Open Wheel


Trophies 1st – 4th

Block 2


Practice 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Racing 2:30pm – 5:30pm


  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • 30+ Open Wheel Men
  • 30+ Open Wheel Women


Cash 1st – 4th


Unfortunately this year we aren’t able to offer camping at the venue as we have in the past. Here are some alternatives for those looking to camp or stay close to the track.

  • The Gums Camping Area (website)
    Make sure you book ahead these camping grounds can be quite popular during the school holidays.
  • The Kinglake Pub (website)
    For enquiries/bookings call (03) 5786 1230 Or email info@kinglakepub.com.au


BSX (Bicycle Supercross) is one-on-one sprint trails style BMX racing on a backyard track built specifically to test a rider’s skills. The short straights, lofty jumps and tight corners are intense under race conditions, offering a fun and entertaining event for competitors and spectators alike. The event provides a unique experience for the local Victorian riders, as well as the interstate and international visitors during an off day of the annual BMX Victoria Track Attack series.

The primary goal BSX is to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation but there’s so much more to the event. It creates an atmosphere that words just can’t describe. Since the very first event in 2006 BSX has raised $55,712 helping to providing the hospital with much-needed equipment.



The Royal Children’s Hospital is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria and provides a full range of clinical services and health promotion and prevention programs for infants through to adolescents. Each year the Royal Children’s Hospital treats tens of thousands of children through our Emergency Department, inpatient admissions and outpatient visits. The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation plays a vital role in providing additional funding to support important research projects and purchase state of the art medical equipment to ensure that every child receives the very best treatment now and into the future.

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