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Product Spotlight: ODI Aluminium End Plug

Safety is always a concern with BMX, it doesn’t take long to learn that the dangers of BMXing a quite real. Safety is always a priority for me, as it should be for anyone. I stick to the basics; always wear a helmet, make sure everything on the bike is tight (grips, brake lever, chain, stem, cranks, pedals, seat, wheels, etc), always wear closed toe shoes and always, always make sure there are bar ends in the handlebars. I’ve heard the horror stories over the years of people seriously injured by handlebars without bar ends and over the years there have been numerous fatalities. So be safe, enjoy the ride, and make sure you have some good bar ends.

Those of you who know ODI grips, know they come with bar ends. Including the range of lock on grips, but did you know they make after market bar ends as well? The allen key wedge system is designed to work with a massive range of handle bars, from the smallest of micro alloy bars to the largest of cromo bars. And the range of colour should work well too. If you are looking for a bar end that’s safe, looks great and is made to take a pounding these could be just what you are looking for.

Manufacturer’s Description

Protect your bars and grips with ODI Aluminum End Plugs. Constructed of sturdy 6061 aluminum, these plugs are designed to take the brunt of whatever you can throw at them. Available in anodized blue, red, black or silver.


  • Sturdy 6061 Aluminum
  • Fits most sized bars
  • Triple-Core Design Holds Plugs Inside Bars
  • Sold in pairs

ODI products are available Australia wide through www.lustyindustries.com Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram at www.instagram.com/wearelusty

Check www.odigrips.com for more information and give them a follow on Instagram at www.instagram.com/odigrips

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