Answer/SSquared BSX2019: Results and Videos

The Answer/SSquared BSX2019 is in the books.

A big thanks to everyone who supported the event, especially the volunteers who make it happen and our hosts Marcus and Jo for the spectacular venue.

Thanks to Lachlan Hines for the finals videos.

Here are your winners

8-10 Boys

  1. Cameron GATT
  2. Jesse PAUL
  3. Billy VAN HOUT
  4. Jacob FRENCH

A final video B final video

11-13 Boys

  1. Samuel O’GRADY
  2. Joshua SWIATEK
  3. Toby MILLAR
  4. Emerald BLYTH

A final video B final video

11-13 Girls

  1. Emerald BLYTH
  2. Brooke SMITH
  3. Brodie MITCHELL
  4. Makenzie COPLAND (8-10G)

A final video B final video

Open Retro

  1. Joshua SODERMAN
  2. Seth THOMPSON
  3. Trevor WEBER
  4. Paul KNOX

A final video B final video

45+ Open Wheel

  1. Shane JENKINS
  2. Craig WALCZUK
  3. Shaun COLLINS
  4. Paul KNOX

A final video B final video

30+ Open Wheel Men

  1. Andrew JACKSON
  2. Glenn MAIN
  3. Brendon BRAZIER
  4. Craig WALCZUK

A final video B final video

30+ Open Wheel Women

  1. Rebecca SMITH
  2. Tess ANDERSON
  3. Amie MAIN
  4. Eliza FLANIGAN

A final video B final video

Open Men

  1. Joshua CALLAN
  2. Cooper BROMLEY
  3. Matthew WHITE
  4. Byron BLYTH

A final video B final video

Open Women

  1. Leah HEARNE
  2. Emerald BLYTH
  3. Vanessa GOODEN
  4. Brooke SMITH

A final video B final video

There’s a full breakdown of results and times at

The Answer/Ssquared BSX2019 is presented by BSX Inc/ & proudly supported by

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BSX (Bicycle Supercross) is one-on-one sprint trails style BMX racing on a backyard track built specifically to test a rider’s skills. The short straights, lofty jumps and tight corners are intense under race conditions, offering a fun and entertaining event for competitors and spectators alike. The event provides a unique experience for the local Victorian riders, as well as the interstate and international visitors during an off day of the annual BMX Victoria Track Attack series.

The primary goal BSX is to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation but there’s so much more to the event. It creates an atmosphere that words just can’t describe. Since the very first event in 2006 BSX has raised $55,712 helping to providing the hospital with much-needed equipment.


The Royal Children’s Hospital is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria and provides a full range of clinical services and health promotion and prevention programs for infants through to adolescents. Each year the Royal Children’s Hospital treats tens of thousands of children through our Emergency Department, inpatient admissions and outpatient visits. The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation plays a vital role in providing additional funding to support important research projects and purchase state of the art medical equipment to ensure that every child receives the very best treatment now and into the future.

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