Answer/SSquared BSX2020: Gold Partner ODI / Dig and Ride Saturday

    We’d like to welcome ODI Grips back to the BSX line up. ODI Grips will be returning as a Gold Partner at the Answer/SSquared BSX2020. That means we are up for some more awesome awards!

    If you’ve ever thought of competing at BSX, the one of a kind one-on-one sprint trails/charity event. Clear your calendar for the Answer/SSquared BSX2020, Monday 13 January, Kinglake Victoria.

    Gold Partner: ODI Grips

    We are very excited to announce and welcome back our newest Gold Partner ODI Grips. ODI are one of the biggest names in the business, an iconic brand that are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. That’s 40 years of manufacturing in the USA. Over that time they have earned a reputation for setting the benchmark for grips, creating the best grips in the business. ODI are an innovator having developed the lock on grip system. They also manufacture the largest range of grips you would find anywhere, and collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business including Troy Lee Designs, Vans, Maris Strombergs, BOX, S&M, Stay Strong, and Mike “Hucker” Clark.

    As per last year we will be integrating ODI grips in our awards for the top 4 riders in each of the trophy classes. The hottest grips in BMX engraved with BSX2020 and the position that can be displayed proudly in your trophy cabinet or on your bike.

    ODI Grips - BSX2019 Trophies

    Without the assistance and generosity from partners like ODI Grips, BSX wouldn’t be where it is today. When you are looking to update your grips make sure you check out ODI.

    ODI Grips are distributed across Australia by Lusty Industries Make sure you follow them on Instagram at @odigripsau and @odigrips

    The Answer/SSquared BSX2020 is presented by BSX Inc/ and is proudly supported by

    Platinum Partners

    Gold Partners
    ODI Grips
    Radio Bicycles

    Silver Partners
    ECI Imports
    Ringmaster Images

    Bronze Partners

    We have another dig and ride day this coming Saturday

    We have had our first dig/ride session for the season and managed to clean up the second corner, which isn’t bad for the small crew. We have another one this Saturday from 11 until 4:30 and will schedule more soon. There’s not a lot of time between now and the Answer/SSquared BSX2020 and the track needs a whole lotta love! Our small overworked and underpaid team would really appreciate your help. If you can help us out we’d love to see you there!

    What is BSX?

    BSX, short for Bicycle Supercross or Backyard Supercross, is an annual event that started in 2006. Since then the one on one elimination race has hosted thousands of BMX racers, and even dirt jumpers, from all over Australia and around the globe.

    Here’s a highlights video from the last event hosted at the Kinglake West venue.

    With 100% of profits going to charity the event has raised well over $58,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and helped raise thousands of dollars for the Kinglake West Fire Brigade.

    The Answer/SSquared BSX2020 will be a special event, marking the 15 year anniversary of the backyard BMX bash.

    Just 19 days ahead of the first stop for the 2020 UCI World Cup

    It’s also just 19 days ahead of the first stop for the 2020 UCI World Cup that starts a two hour drive away. We’re hoping to attract some elite riders who might spend a little extra time in Australia making the most of the weather that the Australian summer is famous for.

    Don’t forget to save the date. Monday 13 January 2020. We will have more information for you soon.


    It’s a common misconception that BSX is an invite only event. This is not the case, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and festivities.


    Email today for details.


    BSX (Bicycle Supercross) is one-on-one sprint trails style BMX racing on a backyard track built specifically to test a rider’s skills. The short straights, lofty jumps and tight corners are intense under race conditions, offering a fun and entertaining event for competitors and spectators alike. The event provides a unique experience for the local Victorian riders, as well as the interstate and international visitors during an off day of the annual BMX Victoria Track Attack series.

    The primary goal BSX is to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation but there’s so much more to the event. It creates an atmosphere that words just can’t describe. Since the very first event in 2006 BSX has raised $58,712 helping to providing the hospital with much-needed equipment.


    The Royal Children’s Hospital is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria and provides a full range of clinical services and health promotion and prevention programs for infants through to adolescents. Each year the Royal Children’s Hospital treats tens of thousands of children through our Emergency Department, inpatient admissions and outpatient visits. The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation plays a vital role in providing additional funding to support important research projects and purchase state of the art medical equipment to ensure that every child receives the very best treatment now and into the future.

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