News team at the Sunbury Open press release
    Levi Collins, Aaron Rogers, and Shane Jenkins were representing on Sunday at the Sunbury Open.

    Here’s one for the trivia buffs, Sunbury was officially the last sanctioned Victorian event where transponders wouldn’t be in use.

    Levi Collins

    Levi Collins was in the Pro Open class and coming off a second place finish in the AA Pro at Wodonga at Victoria Vs NSW the weekend prior.

    Levi went 2-2-1 in the qualifying heats and took a second place in his semi. Although not off to a super fast start in the final Levi found himself in third place down the third straight. Levi managed to keep it together and finish in third on the day.

    Shane Jenkins

    Shane Jenkins has been out of racing since November with a back injury, only making a brief return for the BSX charity event back in January. Sunbury was his first race back and didn’t let a bad case of the flu stop him. Shane had finished with a 3-4-6 in the first three rounds and was still in the running for a podium finish overall. In the final round Shane had found his way to third place by the second corner but decided to take it a little high allowing a couple of riders enough room to sneak up underneath and run him out of track. Shane had to settle for seventh in the final race but finished fifth overall.

    Aaron Rogers

    Aaron was also in the vet pro class, he started off the day well but struggled in the next two going 4-8-8 and had a nice run in the final round finishing in second place. He finished in seventh overall.

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