News team at the World Championships press release
    Dane Pangallo and Levi Collins were representing and Australia last week at the UCI World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Dane Pangallo

    Dane competed in the 30 & Over men’s challenge class, which had 9 gates full of riders. He started off with a big crash in the first but managed to pull himself together and with 8-3-3 in the motos he managed a 1/8 final berth. But it was a tough 1/8 final and Dane had to settle for sixth place.

    Dane also competed in the 30-34 cruiser class where he finished 4-4-4 in the motos to qualify through to the 1/4 final. He finished fourth again and was in the semi, but that’s where his run finished for the day with a sixth place.

    Levi Collins

    Levi was in the 25-29 class which had five racks of riders. Levi had won this class in South Africa and had his eyes on the prize right from the get go. In his motos he finished with 1-2-2. He then went on to win his 1/4 final, but it didn’t quite go to plan in the semi where Levi finished in sixth place.

    Both Dane and Levi rode exceptionally well to make it all the way to the semis at the World Championships. While we know they would both have preferred to make it all the way to the main we are very proud of what they have been able to achieve and look forward to seeing these guys continue to push themselves.

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