How to Fit Alienation BMX Tubeless TCS Tyres

    We’ve put together an instructional video highlighting two methods of fitting the Alienation TCS tubeless BMX race tyres, the F1 and R1.

    1. The messy method.
    Which is what we used on the front tyre. This way you pour the sealant directly into the tyre before finishing putting it on. It’s messy and there’s some wastage but in the end it worked.

    2. The clean method.
    Which is the method that we used on the back tyre, it’s well documented. Pump the tire up so the beading of the tyre seats in the channels, let the air out and feed the sealant through the valve, then pump it up again. Much cleaner!

    A massive thanks to Alienation BMX and ECI Imports.

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