Introducing Project Micro Scope – Building the Ultimate Micro Racer

The products reviewed on over the past couple of decades have largely been for the bigger rider. Pro size parts, things that have been of interest or useful to me personally. I’ve stayed away from products for groms or had other people do the reviews for me as it really isn’t my area of expertise. I started racing BMX as an 11 year old, and that was a very long time ago.

Over the past 6 or so months I have been working on building the ultimate Micro racer, I will be referring to is as Project Micro Scope (because I’m putting the micro under the microscope, it made sense to me). I’ve been building a micro for my four year old daughter Ripley. I’ve quickly rediscovered that BMX bikes ain’t BMX bikes. The world of the micro BMX race build is a totally new experience for me. I have been bouncing ideas off friends with a lot of experience in this area; Glenn Main from the Profile Racing Team and test rider, Andrew Jackson from RJPBMX store, Adam Sylvester from DRT Industries and father of two grom shedders, Paul Knox from, Bill Ryan from Supercross BMX and Gary Brookes from ECI. With these guys on my side I couldn’t go wrong.

I’ve pulled in parts from the likes of Supercross BMX, Speedline Parts, Von Sothen Racing, Alienation BMX, Tioga, Vee, Profile Racing, ODI and others. Some of it was borrowed to help me figure out sizing and the basic set up of a 20″ micro frame with 18″ wheels.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be putting together a series of articles working through the bike and how we came to the current build, sizing, gearing and so on. It’s been quite the learning experience and hopefully some of the readers will benefit from the experimentation, knowledge and theory that went in to building a micro with parts that could be upgraded easily as Ripley grows, or used for many years to come.

Keep your eyes peeled on over the coming weeks for more on Project Micro Scope.

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