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New Answer BMX Side Plates

Late last year USABMX added site plates to their list of new rules for 2018 stating “they make the jobs of the stagers, starter and scorers MUCH easier”.

As the USABMX deadline nears for mandatory side plates nears Answer have announced their side plate is ready for pre-order and are guaranteeing a delivery by 1 July to anywhere in the US.

So far there has been no discussion of these being required elsewhere but I could imagine that they will become used across the rest of the planet as riders keep up with the latest US trends and other governing bodies start to adopt them.

Manufacturers Description

Specifically designed to meet the USABMX rule requirement, the ANSWER Side Plate meets or exceeds “Minimum area for numbers is 2.95” (75mm) High X 4.75” (120mm) Wide”


Answer BMX products are distributed across Australia by Elite Cycle Imports.
For more about Answer BMX products check out answerbmx.com

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