Product Spotlight: CXP Racing Brake Arms and Pads

CXP, out of Auckland, New Zealand, are a specialty workshop who repair MTB, Road and BMX race bikes. They also have an engineering workshop with a HAAS CNC machine, a lathe and a manual milling machine, it’s certainly no ordinary bike shop.

CXP’s own in-house product range has been growing these past few years, each and every product we’ve seen from them is impressive to say the least, and leaves no stone unturned.

While researching V-Brake options I stumbled across the SXP long brake arms. The 7075 alloy arms are decked out with integrated bearings for smoother braking, they also feature a flexi noodle as a standard. I’ve found easier installation and better braking from flexi noodles over the years and swear by them. On top of the high quality brakes they have a price that’s unmatched for CNC’s brake arms and are available in long and short options.

Of course the brake arms don’t come with pads, but CXP have their own Cartridge Vee Brake Pads. The rubber inserts are replaceable and the alloy housings are available in a range of colour options for you to put your own little custom flair on a great v-brake set up.

Check them out for yourselves.

CXP Short and long Brake Arms

Manufacturer’s Description

These Vee brake arms feature integrated bearings for super smooth and precise actuation.

Included are 7075 Aluminium mounting bolts and the flexi noodle for your cable.

CXP Cartridge Vee Brake pads

Manufacturer’s Description

CXP Cartridge Vee Brake pad set, very stiff and light weight, designed right here in NZ, comes in KIWI Black, Red, Blue, Gold or Pink

Brake inserts are replaceable.

Fits any standard brake insert including our CARBON specific brake inserts.

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