Product Spotlight: Tioga Weeny Pivotal Seat

    Just last week we were talking about the Tioga front end system, there were mixed reactions, and rightfully so. The Tioga Weeny Pivotal seat will attract attention of it’s own, although I think it’s easier to get away with a streamlined seat in times of extension posts and warm down seats.

    When I first saw this seat I figured it was something for the grommets, it didn’t occur to me that it’s another step in the progression of Tioga’s seats to create the lightest seat for racing, full stop.

    The Tioga Weeny Pivotal Seat is something I can see becoming a popular item for the weight weenies. And it’s already available. Check it out.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    • Carbonite Construction
    • Lightweight Alloy Hardware
    • Cap removal Tool Included
    • L240mm x W40mm
    • 80g

    For the breed of racers seeking components designed for purity of function, as a tool of focused performance—this one’s for you. This is the “anti-saddle.” Stripped down to the barest essentials for the sport that doesn’t need a traditional saddle. At only 80g, the Weeny is tiny in weight and big in performance.

    Want to know more?

    Tioga products are distributed across Australia by BMX International See for more information

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