Product Spotlight: ODI Elite Motion Lock-On Grips

    Handle grip manufacturing giant ODI have a massive range of grips, all varying in width, thickness, style, grip pattern and colour. While the ODI Elite Motion lock-on grip, which shares the same diamondized grip pattern as the Ruffian BMX grips, is officially listed as a mountain bike grip it’s just as relevant to BMX racing as any of ODI’s BMX grips.

    The ODI Elite series of grips have been designed with an internal offset to provide the rider for an optimal feel with a thicker section of padding for comfort without the bulky feel.

    The V2.1 lock-on system is a massive improvement on the original lock-on clamp system created by ODI. There’s no rocking from ill fitted grips and the allen key bolts are bigger for greater clamping strength.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    ODI’s first generation Lock-On System are standard for mountain bike racers everywhere. ODI has redefined grip performance again. The new Elite Series grips are engineered from end to end to deliver every feature racers demand.


    • Offset grip design provides padding where it is needed most
    • Variable Knurl Pattern provides comfort/traction where you need it most
    • NEW SINGLE CLAMP – Version 2.1 Lock-On System
    • Soft Pro Compound for excellent shock absorption
    • Reinforced Soft Ends for Added Durability
    • Super Slim Profile
    • 130mm wide
    • Available in 6 different colors


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