Product Spotlight: ODI Ruffian Mini Lock-On Grips

I’ve been on the lookout for the best grips for a 4 year old. They needed to be durable, comfortable, safe, small enough for a small hand and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. I did start with the ODI Ruffian Mini Lock ons, but thought there should be a number of suitable options. It didn’t take long until I found myself back at the starting point. Very few companies offer a range of grips that can cover so maybe options, let alone meet the level of quality and durability of the original lock on. My little exercise confirmed the ODI Ruffian Mini Lock ons as the best option. Check them out for yourself.

The ODI Ruffian BMX Mini Lock Ons might just be the grip for the mini BMXer in your family.

Manufacturer’s Description

The grip choice of top athletes around the world, the Ruffian Lock-On Grip features exceptional control in a low profile grip designed specifically for racers.


  • Diamondized pattern for optimal traction
  • Ultra thin profile
  • Lock-On Grip System = 100% Slip Free performance
  • Includes new Snap Cap™ End Plugs
  • 100mm Full Length Grip

ODI products are available Australia wide through Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram at

Check for more information and give them a follow on Instagram at

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