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Product Spotlight: Peaty’s Tubeless Valves

Tubeless tires have been a long time coming for BMX racing, we first got our hands on a tubeless prototype system over six years ago from Alienation. At the moment Alienation seems to have come up with the only standard with the TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) having finally released the R1 and F1 tires in the later part of last year. Their Malice and Mischief rims have been rolling out on the tracks for years and are among the best rims available right now, easily competing against carbon rims in strength, stiffness and weight (yes weight) and killing them with a far more appealing price tag.

While Alienation’s rims and tires are readily available right now the rest of the kit isn’t as easy to source. Specialist rim tape, sealant and valves are required to complete the set up. There is definitely a hole in the market for someone to sell the kits to complete the system.

There are a bunch of road and mountain bike valves that would do the trick, but while doing a little research for some new valves to fit out a tubeless wheel set I stumbled across Peaty’s tubeless valves.

Steve “Peaty” Peat is a legend in downhill mountain bike circles and has his own brand of tubeless rim tapes, sealants and valves as well as lubricants and cleaning products.

Manufacturer’s Description

Made from lightweight anodised aluminium, Peaty’s tubeless valves are a universal 40mm length and fit most tubeless rims including carbon, Enduro and DH rims.

The large soft rubber base easily creates an airtight seal on valve holes up to 8mm diameter. The integrated valve core remover caps make removing the valve and topping up with sealant a breeze when in the workshop or on the trails.

Valves for Life!

If you manage to break, snap, bend or crack our valves* then we’ll fix or replace them free of charge!

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Remove valve cap, o-ring and lock nut
  2. Insert valve through valve hole in rim
  3. Push the o-ring onto valve stem
  4. Thread the lock nut onto valve stem
  5. Hand tighten lock nut until firm
  6. Screw on valve cap to remove the valve core


Valve Core Removal

To de-core the valve, all you need to do is:

  1. Unscrew the valve cap
  2. Slot the valve cap over the valve core
  3. Twist anticlockwise until the core can be pulled out
  4. Repeat in reverse to refit

*Really? For Life?!

Ok so there’s a few conditions. Valves are warranted for life to the original owner only. Valves will not be warranted in the following situations:

  1. If they have snapped or threaded from being over-tightened
  2. If they have clogged with sealant
  3. If they have been intentionally broken
  4. If parts have been lost

Peaty’s products are available Australia wide through www.lustyindustries.com Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram at www.instagram.com/wearelusty

Check peatys.co.uk for more information.

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