Product Spotlight: Radio Bikes Pro Chain Tensioner

    Has anyone else noticed the Radio Bikes Pro Chain Tensioner? It’s one slick and tough mother! It’s like the swiss army knives of chain tensioners.  The T-Bar style chain tensioner will work nicely with nearly any frame regardless of materials or dropout thickness. I’ve found the T-Bar is the safest to use with a carbon frame or painted dropouts to protect the dropouts from damage. It has two axle holes to cater for a wide range of reach options and it comes as a 15mm tensioner but with a step down sleeve for 10mm axles. While it’s designed to be light weight it still allows for the strength required to do a reliable job as a tensioner. I believe black is the only colour option currently.

    Manufacturer’s Description

    Our super slim PRO chain tensioners are incredibly light weight and sleek, allowing you to dial in your chain stay length without ruining the aesthetics and performance of your bike.

    • Material: full CNC machined 6061-T6 alloy
    • for 10mm and 15mm axles
    • 22mm of adjustment

    Want to know more?

    Check out and BMX International.

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