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Product Spotlight: Stay Strong 2019 “For Life” Frame

The Stay Strong brand may have started out as a simple purpose of making tee shirt worn by pro riders to show support and solidarity for Stephen Murray but it’s become so much more. Stay Strong is a highly competitive BMX brand in it’s own right and those 2019 Stay Strong frames are well worth a look.

Manufacturer’s Description

The 2019 V2 Stay Strong frame with an all new 100% re-design from our V1 model. Our Pro sized frames now feature a tapered 1.5 head tube, Press Fit bottom bracket (PF30), 20mm rear dropouts with 15mm and 10mm adaptors and chain tensioners included. The V2 also uses a 31.6mm seat post which reduced weight whilst helping improve stiffness. Overall the frame is coming in at a competitive weight and around a 25% weight saving on our original frames. The smooth welds also help give the all new water decals and logo a clean look. This low, triangular shaped frame has a modern look with overall balanced stiffness, combined with the weight saving this V2 frame can help you reach your racing goals in 2019.


ModelHeadsetHT AngleTop TubeST AngleSeat PostChainstayBB TypeMax TiresDrop outsWeight
MiniIntegrated 1-1/8″7217.5″6922.2mm320mmEuro20 x 1-3/8″10mm1161g
JuniorIntegrated 1-1/8″72.518.5″7022.2mm335mmEuro20 x 1-3/8″10mm1196g
ExpertIntegrated 1-1/8″7319.5″7022.2mm350mmEuro20 x 1-3/8″10mm1225g
Expert XLIntegrated 1-1/8″7320.25″7022.2mm362mmEuro20 x 1-3/8″10mm1274g
ProIntegrated 1-1/8″ 1.57420.5″7231.6mm368mmPE3020 x 2.0″10-15-20mm1505g
Pro XLIntegrated 1-1/8″ 1.57421″7231.6mm378mmPE3020 x 2.0″10-15-20mm1512g
Pro XXLIntegrated 1-1/8″ 1.57421.5″7231.6mm378mmPE3020 x 2.0″10-15-20mm1518g
Pro XXXLIntegrated 1-1/8″ 1.57422.25″7231.6mm390mmPE3020 x 2.0″10-15-20mm1560g
Pro 24Integrated 1-1/8″7321.75″7031.6mm396mmPE3024 x 1.75″10-15-20mm1600g


  • Black
  • Green
  • Grey
  • White


Check out the ECI website www.eciimports.com/brand/stay-strong to see the wide range of Stay Strong products.

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