Product Spotlight: Supercross SX250 Pro Fork

Supercross BMX have been driving their products forward creating a race, and award, winning line up along the way. One thing they never do is forget their past.

Supercross fans have been rewarded with a limited edition 30th anniversary 6 bar frame (also available as a complete bike). The SX250 pro forks have been released in limited numbers to be matched up with the 6 bar frame in all aspects; style, quality and finish (including matching decals).

The Supercross pro fork was always my favourite fork from the Supercross line up in my opinion it’s just as legendary as the Landing Gear fork from SE. After being superseded by the more modern looking SLT forks, it’s great to see it available again, even if it is just a cameo.

Manufacturer’s Description

To match up with your Limited Edition 30 Year Anniversary Supercross BMX SX250 6 bar frame, we did a special limited run of the Supercross Pro Fork. These are built for us by TANGE one of the oldest and most respected fork builders in the BMX game, and are a full Seamless 4130 Cro-mo, with a Post Weld Full Heat Treatment as per our Supercross specs.

It uses the same Original Supercross BMX dropout from 30 years ago but with a few little Lightening holes drilled in, and has the original Supercross BMX decals applied to match the 6 Bar Frame.

Currently available in 20″ only.

Available in a Triple Show Chrome Plated, a Gloss Black, and in a Raw finish.

Contact Your Favourite Supercross Reseller Today

This is our growing list of currently active resellers. If your favourite bike shop isn’t listed here ask them to get in touch with us and we can get you what you need.

Blackman 9621 81582148NSW
Crankd 47 285 8384814Qld
Edge 4052 11644870Qld
Daktari 8724 80135290SA
Trail And Tracktatcycles_sales@hotmail.com0414 633 1893074Vic
YVC 9735 14833140Vic
District Cycle 5918 09763810Vic
Guildford 56136076WA


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