Profile Racing Components For Little Dudes

    Did you know Profile Racing manufacture components for the little dudes (and dudettes) too?

    Profile Racing, who celebrated their 50th Anniversary last year, are well know for their product range that includes the award winning and best selling hubs, cranks and stems. The quality and finish of the USA manufactured products are second to none and is supported by Profile’s lifetime warranty. The products are highly configurable to suit your budget and highly serviceable to keep your investment running and running…

    Their products span the various genre’s within BMX. Race cranks, mini hubs and Elite hubs are common across the board, making them the biggest selling items in BMX. One of the best kept secrets in BMX is Profile’s large range of products for BMX racing’s grommets.

    And of course the weight weenies will be happy to know that a Profile hubset configured with titanium options is lighter than any other currently on the market and would still be more affordable.


    Profile make mini Acoustic front load stems for 1″ steerers in 35mm or 42mm lengths with Titanium upgrade options and eight colour options.

    35mm: 163g/5.7 oz
    42mm: 173g/6.06oz


    They have two crank options which are both becoming more popular at the race track. There’s the high end Mini Magnutanium cranks which come in 145mm to 170mm lengths. The arms are built with ultra thin cromo walls and are incredibly lightweight. The kit comes with a titanium gun drilled hollow spindle and Ti sprocket bolt with Ti axle bolts as an upgrade option.

    There’s also the race cranks which start at a 125mm crank length, they jump to 145mm then again to 160mm where they increment every 5mm and there are even smaller increments at the longer end of the range. The smaller race cranks are bossless which means you would need to run a spline drive option to use these. The Profile race cranks are a genuine alternative to what’s available.


    Race Crank Arm Weight (per set):
    145mm: 493g/17.35oz

    Race Crank Axle Weight:
    Chromo 5.25in: 227g/8oz Titanium: 148g/5.2oz
    Chromo 5.625in: 245g/8.6oz Titanium: 156g/5.5oz
    Chromo 6.0in: 259g/9.1oz Titanium: 163g/5.7oz

    Magnutanium (axle, crankarms, & bolts):
    145mm: 522 grams/18.41 oz
    150mm: 525 grams/18.45 oz
    155mm: 527 grams/18.55 oz
    160mm: 534 grams/18.8 oz
    165mm: 537 grams/18.9 oz
    170mm: 544 grams/19.15 oz


    Both the Profile Mini and Elite hubs come in a 28 hole option for the groms, but that’s just the start of the configuring process you can select different materials in the driver, the bolts, and even the sprocket. You will be hard pressed to find a hub that’s this light, configurable and serviceable. One thing I should point out is the misleading name for the mini hubs, the only thing that’s really mini about them is they are low flange. They can be configured for groms, but can also handle the abuse of the biggest BMXers.


    Mini Front hub
    Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo Axle Bolts: 8.15oz / 232g
    Hub w/ 3/8 Ti Axle Bolts: 7.4oz / 206g

    Mini Cassette hub
    Hub w/ CrMo Axle Bolts with 9t CrMo Driver: 13.1oz / 372g
    Hub w/ CrMo Axle Bolts with 9t Ti Driver: 11.95oz / 339g
    Hub w/ Ti Axle Bolts with 9t CrMo Driver: 12.25oz / 348g
    Hub w/ Ti Axle Bolts with 9t Ti Driver: 11.1oz / 316g

    Elite Front hub

    Hub w/CrMo Axle Bolts: 8.1oz / 231g
    Hub w/Ti Axle Bolts: 7.3oz / 207g

    Elite Rear hub

    Hub w/ 3/8 Ti bolts, Alu Driver, 16t CrMo Cog: 14.3oz / 406g
    Hub w/ 3/8 Ti bolts, Alu Driver, 16t Elite CrMo Cog: 14.0oz / 397g
    Hub w/ 3/8 Ti bolts, Aluminum Driver, 16t Aluminum Cog: 13.05oz / 370g

    Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo bolts, Ti Driver, 16t CrMo Cog: 16oz / 455g
    Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo bolts, Ti Driver, 16t Elite CrMo Cog: 15.7oz / 446g
    Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo bolts, Ti Driver, 16t Aluminum Cog: 14.8oz / 420g

    Hub w/ 3/8 Ti bolts, Ti Driver, 16t CrMo Cog: 15.2oz / 431g
    Hub w/ 3/8 Ti bolts, Ti Driver, 16t Elite CrMo Cog: 14.85oz / 422g
    Hub w/ 3/8 Ti bolts, Ti Driver, 16t Aluminum Cog: 13.95oz / 396g

    On top of all that you also have a wide range of bottom bracket, spiders and front sprocket options.

    If you are looking to trick out a bike for a grom you can look to market leading Profile Racing for high quality USA made options.


    Profile Racing is distributed across Australia by Elite Cycle Imports

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