Supercross BMX 30th Anniversary Retro Racing Jersey

For over a decade Supercross BMX have only made their race jerseys available to the factory team riders. It looks like we’ve caught Supercross at a weak moment while they start their 30th anniversary celebrations.

For weeks now they have been teasing the release of a retro race jersey to celebrate their milestone. While browsing through their site I noticed they have the jersey listed in their line up of apparel, it could be a mistake or someone’s fallen to sleep at the helm before going nuts with the social media but it’s there.

Size: Extra Small – XXXL

Manufacturer’s Description

Back in 1989, the only way to get one of these jerseys was to be on the team, when we did a limited run again for the 20 year anniversary, again, you had to be on the team, heck most of our 30 year history the only way to get a Jersey has been to be on the team, or be on one of our support teams.

Well due to popular demand, we are going to do 1 run of these 30 year Retro Jerseys. The only way to get them will be to PRE ORDER them. Once the PRE ORDER window closes, we will NOT do a second run.  The Jerseys will look like the one Bubba is wearing here in the photo and the same ones Todd Steen, James Prichard, Ray Luscombe, Kevin Gentry and the others wore back in the day.

You can get your Last Name or a Nick name put on the back of the jersey in the old style font at NO EXTRA CHARGE by putting a MESSAGE IN THE MEMO WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLY.  WE CANNOT CHANGE IT AFTER.

The Jerseys WILL NOT say FACTORY on them.  The FACTORY Designation has been and will always be reserved for the Factory team.

The Jersey orders will be accepted until July 17th. And then should be ready to be shipped on or around August 21st, 2019.

Get in touch with your local Supercross distributor to find out how you can lock in your little piece of Supercross history.

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