The Return of Gary Turner

I’m a big fan of cromo, that’s no secret. People go on about cromo being “Old School” and “keeping it real”, but for me it’s the feel of the ride. There is a distinct difference in the feel of a cromo frame versus that of an alloy frame. I get excited each time I see someone release a cromo frame, a material that’s used less and less to manufacture high end race frames (props to those keeping it alive).

There have been a lot of pioneers in our sport who sold their business and moved on to other things. Meanwhile the companies they started are still alive many years later, but the heart and soul that kept those companies going originally has faded somewhat, a necessity, perhaps, to keep them relevant and viable in today’s market.

The return of Gary Turner to the BMX scene is very cool, but his return to building modern cromo race frames, well that just about causes tears to well in my eyes, and I’m not afraid to admit that.

Gary Turner BMX’s Pedaler Race Frame features

  • 100% 4130 USA Chromoly hand crafted and built on Southern California by Gary Turner.
  • CNC precision machined integrated head tube.
  • Euro Bottom Bracket.
  • Available in Neon Orange, Metallic Blue or Raw.
  • Integrated headset
  • 10mm dropouts
  • Available in 16″, 20″, 24″ and 26″ sizes


To find out more check out or look them up on Facebook at

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