Tioga FASTR X 24×1.75 Tires Added to Gear Calculator

    We’ve added 24 x 1.75 Tioga FASTR X tires to the online Gear Calculator.

    Currently in prototype the 24 x 1.75 Tioga FASTR X should be released in the coming months and the Gear Calculator will be ready for when it is.

    For two decades we have been committed to providing the best and most comprehensive FREE online BMX Gear Calculator available, keeping it up to date with the latest in BMX racing tires. If you notice any tire options missing be sure to contact us and we will add them as soon as we can.

    While all other gear calculators provide you with the Gear Inches or Roll Out for your specific gear, ours provides both in an accurate chart based on your tire of choice, so you can compare other gear options with just a single gear selection. You can also save up to 5 tire/gearing combinations for quick reference.

    As always we do plan to update the iPhone/iPad app soon to bring it in alignment with the online calculator.

    The free web based online calculator works well on any browser and device (Android devices, iPhones, iPads, PCs, laptops, etc) and we encourage everyone to take full advantage of the free calculator.

    Check out the updated online version here: