Truth BMX Products New Titanium Frame and Forks

The guys over at Truth BMX Products sent us an update.

They have titanium frames, 20″ forks, OS20 forks and bars in stock now.
  • Expert frame 2 pounds 7 oz.
  • Pro XL 3 pounds 3 oz
  • Bars 1 pound 1 oz
  • Forks 1 pound 5 oz.

Truth Titanium Main Event Frame

The Titanium Main Event frame are constructed from premium titanium.

  • 20 mm dropouts
  • tapered headtube
  • laser-etched frame graphics
  • The Titanium main event uses the same race winning geometry as all Truth frames
  • 24″ Pro XXL frame only weigh in at 3 pounds 5 oz

Frame will be available in all sizes from mini to 26″ Pro XXL.

These frames are made to order and will require  a non-refundable 50% deposit to order. The balance plus shipping are due prior to shipping your frame.

Why a Titanium Frame?

  1. Long life
    Titanium have 5 time of the lifespan then steel or aluminium, anti-corrosion from acid,damp,ultraviolet
  2. Light weight
    Titanium density is half of Cr-Mo. Which means a titanium frame weight half of a Cr-Mo frame the same size
  3. High Stiffness
    Stiffness is over 28% higher then Cr-Mo. Titanium frame would make most useful of your pedaling power.

Truth 20mm Titanium fork

  • 1 pound 5 oz comes with 20mm adapters

Truth 20mm Titanium OS20 fork

  • 1 pound 5 oz comes with 20mm adapters

Want to know more? Get in touch with the guys at Truth BMX Products through their website at A Team Distro are the guys to distribute Truth products across Australia. You can get in touch with them via their Facebook page at

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